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  1. Jon Liu

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    May 27, 2001
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    As I am investigating a purchase on a new TV, my choice has been basically narrowed down to the Sony KP-57XBR10W. I just have a couple questions. Hopefully I don't sound like a total idiot here.
    First off, is this the best TV for that price range? If not, any suggestions of which is better.
    Is this thing progressive scan ready? Does it have line doubler?
    Which would be better for it, Component or S-Video?
    How does it fare in general? Is this a good TV?
    Thanks for checking, everyone!
  2. Mike Emery

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    Sep 29, 1999
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    I own the 65XBR10W. These are just my personal opinions based on my needs and test evaluations...and I tested Sony, Mits and Tosh INTENSELY. I don't think the store likes having me around so much!
    "First off, is this the best TV for that price range? If not, any suggestions of which is better."
    It was for my requirements. Mits (65807) and Tosh (65Hwhatever) discard SIGNIFICANT horizontal resolution when displaying "normal" 4:3...the Mits was absolutely hideous. I actually stopped watching my backlogged time-shifted shows until I got the Sony in place. The Sony retains virtually full resolution as revealed by the multiburst, sweep and resolution tests. I took photos of the patterns but my scanner is down. (If undistorted 4:3 isn't a concern, then no need to use this as a factor!)
    "Is this thing progressive scan ready? Does it have line doubler?"
    Oh yeah! I think it's killer. I didn't compare it to Pioneer because the Pio was just way out of my budget...some say the Pio is tops. I find the Sony to best Tosh and Mits, though.
    "Which would be better for it, Component or S-Video?"
    I think it's pretty much accepted that, when possible, component gives you better performance. Further, to utilize the progressive-scan input or HDTV features, you need to feed it via component. (A twist on HDTV input is that you can also use RGBHV if your receiver outputs it. You'll need an adapter cable and stuff...)
    "How does it fare in general? Is this a good TV?"
    There are established "issues" with the HS10 series. The XBR10W is essentially an HS10 chassis with some very minor differences. Thus, I have found almost ALL display issues applicable to the HS10 to also be present on the XBR10, some to a lesser degree yet still there. Some find these unobjectionable, however I find them to be unacceptable at any level. I'm picky that way. I would suggest a search on the KP-xxHS10 to catch up on these issues. There are some fixes and work-arounds in place, which work with varying degrees of success.
    That said, it IS a good TV...! You are the final arbiter on whether it's good enough for you where it matters!
    "Thanks for checking, everyone!"
    Hope it helps!
  3. Abdul Jalib

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    Dec 27, 2000
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    I consider it overpriced. You get the poor quality control and low HDTV resolution of the $2300 HS10 for $4000ish. If you're going to spend that much, then give consideration to a Pioneer Elite or a Philips 64" set (64PH9905 available for $5000 now, see ), or else a HTPC or DVDO iScan Pro plus any of the following: Pioneer "Lite", Mitsubishi Diamond, Philips 60PP9601, or a used front projector. What I'm trying to do for you is give you a better HDTV picture and as a bonus a better NTSC picture for about the same price as you'd spend on the Sony. Be patient and I'm sure you'll find a bargain, with the new models due out shortly.
    I do think the 53HS10 is a reasonable budget choice, as Sony's internal line doubler is pretty good. The 57XBR10W's price tag just makes me look for a HTPC or DVDO iScan Pro replacement for the internal line doublers of others sets - sets that have better HDTV resolution than the Sonys. Sony's current internal line doubler is not as good as that done by a HTPC or DVDO iScan Pro or a Pioneer Elite.

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