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Kong Kong's Avenue of Stars

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Danny Tse, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Danny Tse

    Danny Tse Producer

    Nov 1, 2000
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    I don't see it mentioned here, but I think it's great to paid tribute to perhaps HK's most famous exports. I saw the lists of stars a couple of days ago, which included about 70 names. They include (the ones that I can translate to English at least)....

    Bruce Lee
    Shih Kien (he's the evil dude in Enter the Dragon, but the ultimate evil dude in HK cinema)
    Michael Hui
    Sam Hui
    Andy Lau
    Tony Leung
    Brigitte Lin
    Anita Mui
    Leslie Cheung
    Patrick Tse (Nic's father)
    Stephen Chow
    Jackie Chan
    Samo Hung
    John Woo
    Maggie Cheung
    Chow Yun-fat
    Sir Run-run Shaw (of Shaw Brothers studio fame and owner of TVB)
    Wong Kar-wai
    Yuen Wo-ping
    Jet Li
    Michelle Yeoh
    (my uncle) Chor Yuen (and his father too)

    and many others
  2. Chazz_S

    Chazz_S Supporting Actor

    Oct 8, 2002
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  3. Brian Thibodeau

    Brian Thibodeau Supporting Actor

    Dec 10, 2003
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    For sheer volume of output in comparison to their Hollywood counterparts, the Hong Kong talent on that list (plus many, many more who will undoubtedly be added over time) more than deserve the recognition. At the peak of their careers, and in some cases even still, virtually everyone on that list appeared in or made five to 10 times more movies than anyone on this side of the Atlantic, and that's in addition to the modelling and singing careers many of them have simultaneously. That's one of the reason's I love HK Cinema; the talent actually WORK for a living. Being famous for being famous is arguably a much smaller part of the pie.

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