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    Recently I bought a Malata N520 from a fellow HTF member. Finally I can view my region 1 PAL DVDs in the comfort of my region 2 home. Unfortunately I made a tactical error. I repositioned my DVD players by giving my mother the one that had been in my bedroom and moved the one in the living room to my bedroom before I cast a critical eye to the performance of the Malata with region 2 anamorphic DVDs. I love the ability to change from interlaced to progressive on the fly, but the image it produces on my Pioneer HDTV isn't as striking as the Toshiba it replaced.
    I really can't take back the DVD player I gave to my mother, so what I need to do is to buy yet another DVD player for the bedroom unit so I can move the current one back into the living room. Not only do I not want to spend lots of bucks to do it, also my wife would probably visit some sever physical damage upon me if I did.
    Sams and Costco here in KC have a couple of low priced units which should do the job, but I know nothing about them at all. In order of decreasing price from $159.95 to $89.95 they are:
    • Panasonic CV37
      Pioneer DV-C505
      Toshiba SD-K510
    Does anyone know anything about these units? The TV in the bedroom is only 27" so a DVD player feeding it does not have to be as good as the one for my big screen. From personal experience, I never liked my Panasonic VCR, my Pioneer Elite Pro-610 works great, and my Toshiba DVD player is quite good, so I guess I lean more toward the Pioneer and Toshiba, but who knows?
    I am waiting with great anticipation for your pearls of wisdom.
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    Have you heard from anyone else regarding the Pioneer DV-C505? I'm thinking of picking one of these up soon to replace my Sony 550D.



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