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Feb 12, 2008
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After much reading and deliberating, I thought I would post my questions to the pros for some help. I have the complete RF7 package, sub and all. I enjoy the sound but feel there is something lacking. I read that the Rotel 1080 is an excellent choice for the RF7s so I picked one up. I have the Adcom 880 preamp and an Acurus A200 3 channel amp for my center and rears. It sounds great but I really have to crank it up in order to get what I want out of it. I keep reading how efficient the Klipsch's are but I am keep thinking something is wrong. I have upgraded my power cords and I am usung cryoclear interconnects. Could it be that my preamp is preventing me from getting the most out of the speakers? there is not much information about this preamp out there. or doesnt the Rotel have enough current to enjoy the details at lower listening levels? I am open to suggestions

It is about a 60/40 split between movies and music.

The Adcom preamp and the Acurus were sort of hand me downs so I was hoping to get different options if i need to replace them without having to kick in that much more money.

Also, are there any 5-7 channel receivers that will give me that "in your face" sound or am I better off going with seperates? 2 channel and a 3 channel or an amp that can deliver 5 channels? Is there a preamp that will be an improvement over the Adcom.

Very new in the game of audio but will definately be a Klipscher for life!


Jasen Chandler

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Sep 16, 2001
I have installed this system with the Pioneer Elite VSX92 and it played very strong in a 900 sqft room. The speakers did have a fairly long break in period but they are stunning. I am a real believer in high end recievers, having installed systems with separate components and receivers.

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