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Klipsch RF-7's, RC-7, RS-7's In Da' House (1 Viewer)

Jack Smith

Feb 1, 1999
well, actually they're in the basement. Got them in yesterday. There was damage to one RF-7 grille (looks like the speaker may have tipped over during transit), but the online vendor said not to worry, he's putting a new grille in the mail. First off, these mutha's are big! I thought my SVS subs were huge, but these humpers (all of them) were raised on steriods. Also, the texture of the metallic woofers seems to be totally different than those on the RF3 series. As soon as they were out of the boxes, I removed my KSF-5 surrounds and installed the RS7's (big; did I say "big") and connected them with Monster HT THX rated cable (gotta' figure a way to bi-wire to my Denon 5800). I removed the RC-3 and replaced it with the RC-7. I hope anyone who buys this speaker, has a wi-i-i-ide shelf space on top of their TV, because you're going to need the room (did I say big already?). One puzzling thing, the two holes on the bottom for elevating the speaker did not have threads inside for the two long screws provided (I assume the screws just fit inside and the adjustment is made by moving the nut up and down the bolt). Now it was time to wrestle those 90 pound RF-7's out of the boxes and replace the trusty RF-3's. Fortunately for me, the much larger RF-7's did not cause too much of a problem when it came to positioning them, but this could be a major league problem for anyone dealing with a severely restricted amount of space. I wired up the RF-7's and RC-7 with Monster Z-2 cable, removed my Heresys from the back surround position and placed the RF-3's in the back surround post. Time to test them, first without my SVS subs. I insert a DTS audio sample disk: Lyle Lovett, loved it; Boyz to Men sound almost as good as the original Temptations; They Can't Take That Away From Me, gorgeous. In stereo mode, the RF-7's are much warmer and less bright than the RF-3's. Suprisingly, they are also much more efficient than the RF-3's and presented a wide sound stage with the vocalist (in this case Sinatra) dead center stage. In fact, I had to get up and go put my ear to the RC7 to make sure it wasn't putting out all that beautiful vocal placement. At loud volumes the speakers asked for more without distortion. In 5 and 7.1 mode, the sound was totally enveloping. I was really emersed into the sound of the music (Mars). My old KSF-5's, as good as they are, had to be boosted to +5 to +7db's to keep up with the RF-3's, but the RS-7's present a big, prominent footprint at ZERO db! I mean the sound is sweet, warm (for Klipsch)and very wide, while at the same time being very directed in its dispersion pattern. These wonderful speakers don't need any help and so I set each channel on the receiver at zero. Now for the movies. Trust me people, there are things in Gladiator DTS ES, and the DTS sample disk #3 & 4 that you have "never", ever heard. And once you include the SVS subs, wow! In fact, I hadn't planned to watch Gladiator beyond the opening battle sequence, but the sound was so overwhelmingly good that I actually watched the whole movie...again! I almost took the day off today to just listen and marvel at these monsters (pun intended since the Monster Z-cable wiring must be contributing to the sound). Tonight it's X-Men, On Any Given Sunday, and the startup of the Shelby Mustang in Gone in 60-Seconds, plus some music selections provided by Directv. Tomorrow, LD time! Friday, Saving Prvt. Ryan and The Matrix. Saturday...JFK (5.1)...Sunday, The Haunting DTS ES...
We are the borg...

Craig Ball

Second Unit
Oct 6, 2000
Glad to hear you like the new speaks, I have a question for you though. I have the Legend series hooked up to the Yamaha DSP-A1 and my ear thinks there the best I've ever heard. I recently went to a friends house and he had RF-3 front and rear and the RC-3 center all hooked up to the Denon 3300 and I really don't want to bad mouth Klipsch but it really hurt my ears, they sounded terrible. I used my VE disk and SPL meter to calibrate his system and still I really really did not like it at all. Are the RF-7 a totally different sound (better) to the RF-3? How did you like the RF-3? Have you ever had the oportunity to listen to the Legend series? Again I'm really glad you love the speaks and i'm a long time lover of the Klipsch speakers. just wanted to hear your thoughts on the subject.


Apr 18, 2000
Klipsch website says the RC-7 is 26" wide (whoa !) and the RF-7s are 45" tall ! and I thought my RF-3s were hard to move around....


Scott Quick

Jan 12, 1999
I haven't had the RF-7's in my own listening room, but I also agree that they have a much "warmer" sound to them that the RF-3's (which I do own).
To be honest, Denon amplifiers aren't adequate to be mated with a Klipsch speaker - yes I do own a Denon - I have the AVR-2700. The 4800 and 5800 are a different story... much better amplifier section. Anyhow, what I'm trying to say is that you haven't really heard the RF-3's in all their glory if your listening on the Denon 3300 at your friends. The bass drivers in the RF-3's really need a good deal of oomph to get them to sound good IMO. An Adcom 5400 would do wonders for the RF-3... something to get rid of the harsh sound of the Denon. I strongly recommend trying a different amplifier.
Hope this helps,

Tim L

Second Unit
Jun 30, 1997
I currently own the KLF30s and was wondering how the RF7s compare with them in sound and how the rc7 compares with the klfc7 center speaker,I was wondering if it would be worth an investment or should Is tick with what I have, thanks

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