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Klipsch new rsw subwoofer line is about to ship... anybody heard one yet? (1 Viewer)


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Dec 3, 2000
I heard that these were suppose to be klipsch answer to velodyne's hgs line and I wonder how they will compare to svs especially the svs ultra and ss subwoofers.

John Morris

Oh boy! A new Klipsch subwoofer...
I own an SVS Ultra subwoofer and everytime I think I can find a sub which is as good, I am wrong. This time, I tried testing a beautiful Revel Subwoofer. It cost many times the Ultra's price. Still, as a single subwoofer, it was, IMO, not quite as impactful as the Ultra for movies. As a music sub, it was slightly better than the Ultra, but not twice as good. It just seemed to be slightly less thick, slighly less boomy, and slightly faster than the Ultra. If I was not listening specifically to the subwoofer, I may not have noticed any difference in music playback.
If the Klipsch sub sound and performs better than the Ultra, I will be truly impressed and suprised!
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Dec 3, 2000
true, the svs ultra is setting the bar very high and I found this interesting message from a moderater of the klipsch board (i only included the interesting part, full thread can be found here Link Removed
"As for the differences, the three models are obviously tuned differently and therefore have different rolloff rates at the bottom. At 30Hz, the 10 is starting to rolloff because it's tuned to about 30Hz. The 12 and 15 are tuned lower and therefore have similar outputs at 30Hz. Now when you drop down to say 20Hz, the difference between the 12 & 15 jumps to nearly 15dB!!! That's because the 12 is below its tuning frequency and the 15 isn't. Also, what you can't put in a spec is the way the 15 simply energizes a room. It's presence is always felt at any volume. The 12 is a fantastic subwoofer and probably enough sub for the majority of people out there, however, for the rest of us, there's the 15...or more than one 15.
6) The RSW's sound pretty different from the KSW's. Obviously, output levels are far greater with the RSW's - in fact, above 30Hz, the RSW-10 has pretty much the same output as the KSW-15, but the KSW-15 is tuned lower and therefore has better output at 25Hz. The RSW's also have a pretty flat frequency response. They sound very "tight" and "quick" and are exceptionally "musical". The KSW's have a peak in their response curves that hovers around 60-70Hz. That makes them great for home theater, but is also why a lot of people don't like them as much for music. As far as tuning and response goes, I'd say the KSW-15 is the closest to the RSW's but even it isn't in the same category. The KSW's are still great subs as about anyone can attest to, but you get what you pay for...the RSW is a different league in performance and money both. There are lots of different tastes among many different customers and both lines of subs will appeal to many people in different ways. Ultimately, you need to listen to them in your room to make the decision yourself
The 12 is tuned to about 25Hz. It starts to roll-off there, thus it's freq. resp. spec of 22Hz for the low-end.
In the same manner that the 30Hz output specs were generated, the 20Hz numbers are 100db (12) and 114.5dB (15). There were no tests run for 15Hz. Keep in mind that these are max output numbers, so that whole flat frequency response thing goes right out the window when you're pushing a sub to its max to get max output SPL numbers."
Seems like only the 15 will be able to compete with the svs ultra, while the 12 is competetive in performance to the classic svs. I guess we will only know for sure once tn get's his hands on them.

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