Kitchen TV - LCD w/ DVD mounted under cabinet...


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Jan 4, 2006
Hello all,

My wife and I just moved into a new home, and we want a TV for the kitchen. We are shopping under-cabinet mounted units that combine a small LCD panel with built-in DVD player, NTSC cable-ready tuner, and FM/AM radio.

I understand there are compromises inherent to this approach -- screen size is limited to 7-10", display resolution is pretty low, etc. But we like the advantages of not consuming counter space with a free-standing TV, not needing to stick a DVD player inside a cabinet and run A/V cables, etc. Overall, the balance looks to be in favor of the under-cabinet combo.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there are a whole lot of units to choose from on the market. There are units from brands including Sony, Philips, GPX, Audiovox, Coby, and Malata. I've done a pretty exhaustive web search for reviews of these units, but without much success. About all I've gathered is that Sony's offering is well-made, but too big to fit under standard cabinets (oops on their part) and expensive; Philips' is unreliable and prone to failure just outside the 90-day warranty period; Audiovox's is a mixed bag. I've seen no reviews on the Malata, Coby, or GPX units. From a spec sheet/features and price standpoint, I am leaning strongly toward the Coby above all the others... but I'm still a bit leery since I haven't seen any reviews on this product, and I'm not very familiar with the brand.

Anybody have any experience with some of these products? Any words of advice? Thanks!

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