Kitchen flooring recommendations

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  1. Wade

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    First of all what do you guys think of the following countertop and cabinet combination?

    Countertop - Verde Butterfly
    Cabinets - Mastercraft Manhattan

    Second, what would be a good flooring choice (type & color) to go with the above combo. I'm thinking a light colored 18" porcelain tile with a hint of gold color added to blend in with the gold in the granite. Is Travertine flooring a good choice for the kitchen? It looks pretty porous and I have read/heard that it can stain easily.

    This isn't a custom home but the builder has a lot of flooring options to choose from. The question here is should we go with the builders options which is probably expensive or have the standard flooring (vinyl) put in then replaced by someone else prior to us moving in?

    Decisions, Decisions!

  2. John_Bonner

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    We just had our kitchen redone and it looks awesome.

    We also chose granite countertops - Verde Esmerelde, looks exactly like yours. The granite guy was able to use the excess and make a granite window sill in the kitchen and a granite "seat" or "base" for the bay window in our adjoining dining room. It looks great. Everyone who sees it loves it. Actually our kitchen and dining room are now really one big country kitchen since we had the wall between the two rooms taken down.

    What have you chosen for a backsplash? We went with tumbled marble, it came out beautiful.

    The cabinets are maple with a light glaze, lighter than yours (closer to pickled oak/whitewash) and are made by Yorketown.

    For flooring we chose oak hardwood. It looks great. The floor guy so far has put two coats of poly and when all of the painting is finished he'll put down two more coats of water-based. The coloring of the finish is what I would call medium/natural (not dark, not light).

    For appliances we chose black. The black appliances, light cabinetry, dark green counter, and medium floor really make some nice contrasts.

    Oh also, the electrician put halogen "hockey-pucks" under the cabinets on a dimmer switch. At night the light shining on the granite looks amazing, really brings out the flecks of gold in the counters.
  3. Chris Hovanic

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    Great Choices on Countertops and Cabinets.

    As for the floor.. No vinyl! I always like a big (at least 12"x12") tile. None of that smooth tile either, I like some texture. It stays so cool in the sumertime.

    My parents had a Pergo like floor put in their house about 5 years ago when they built it. Still looks brand new and is very easy to care for.

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