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Discussion in 'Music' started by Alan_Horner, Jul 16, 2003.

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    Got my copy today of Kitaro's live daylight, moonlight SACD. Was pleased that Domo Records in Los Angeles was able to get it out to me so quickly.

    Let me state right up front that I'm not a big fan of live recordings; the sonics are often limited, and while some music can benefit from the energy of live audiences, I'm often left with the impression that live recordings frequently ill serve the original. I opted to order this title because (a) I'm trying to support the release of New Age titles in hi-rez, and (b) this is the only Kitaro hi-rez title currently available that features a multi-channel mix.

    With regard to the merits of live recordings, I certainly don't think that any of the music presented here (almost two hours in total) benefits from the live setting. Perhaps befitting the location (Yakushiji Temple in Japan), most of the performances have a sedate quality to them -- though I guess you'd never use "rollicking" to describe Kitaro's music. Even so, the feel of the music is very different that the artist's studio efforts.

    With regard to the quality of live audio, this SACD very nearly overcomes my reservations -- nearly. The skimpy liner notes state that this was recorded in "HD Audio" -- really narrows it down, doesn't it? -- and it's clear that this title sounds better than a lot of live recordings. But that's not really much of a recommendation, is it? The audio never really dazzles; it's great but not demo-quality. Some of the pieces surprised me with their display of bass; most tracks failed to impress, however.

    In the same vein, the m/c mix doesn't merit any special praise. It does a good job of recreating the feel of a live recording; the rear channels definitely carry their weight in that regard. Discrete effects are mostly limited to a few "whiz" effects, though (electronic wind sounds, for instance). The mix is front-heavy, which isn't all that surprising given that it's a live recording. The clarity is good, but I wouldn't say that the mix offers much in the way of audio distinctiveness.

    Again, this is probably colored to a great degree by my general dislike of live discs. Am I pleased with this SACD? Well, sort of (though mainly because it's a Kitaro title). Would I recommend it as a SACD title? To Kitaro fans, yes; to general hi-rez fans, probably not. This isn't a disappointing disc; it just doesn't light up the sky (or your speakers).

    P.S. I hate the fact that this 2-disc set comes in a single jewel box (the kind with the fatter spindle so that disc 1 sits on top of disc 2).

    Kitaro daylight, moonlight
    Hybrid m/c SACD
    2-disc set (single Super Jewel Box case with extended spindle)

    Disc 1
    Monk's Introduction
    Silk Road

    Disc 2
    Water of Mystery
    Free Flight
    Heaven and Earth
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    Hi Alan,

    I don't know if you're still around, this post in pretty old. Came across your post while searching for Kitaro on SACD. I've been a fan since the early '80's, my first purchase was Oasis on vinyl when it came out new. I have a few others on vinyl, including the Silk Road recordings. I have many more on CD, including Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol. 1, on SACD. Incredible recording! Daylight, Moonlight is available on Amazon but they start at $68, to rich for my blood so I'll be passing on that one but I will stick to the redbook CD's, which are fine in and of themselves.

    Wanted to let you know since you stated this was the only hi-rez Kitaro title that you knew of, check out for a list of other Kitaro's titles that are out there on SACD. I love his work and wanted to share what I know about his recordings. Enjoy!


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