Kino Press Release: Metropolis (1984 Version) (Blu-ray)

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    Kino Classics

    Press Release


    Kino Classics Releases 1984 Version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Restored by Academy Award-winning Composer Giorgio Moroder


    New York City, NY - October 7, 2011 - Kino Classics is proud to make available Giorgio Moroder's famed version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis in theaters, Home Video and VOD, starting in October 2011 - with a Blu-ray and DVD street date set for November 15, 2011.

    In 1981, three-time Academy Award Winning composer Giorgio Moroder began a three-year endeavor to restore the science fiction classic Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang (Spies). During this process, Moroder made the controversial decision to give the film a new, contemporary score, adding songs from Pat Benatar, Billy Squier, Freddie Mercury, Bonnie Tyler, Adam Ant, Jon Anderson and others, to the film's soundtrack.

    In addition to the new score, footage that, at the time, had been missing from available editions of the movie, was edited back into the film. Intertitles were also completely replaced with subtitles, and sound effects, as well as color tinting, were added to the film. The result not only helped popularize Fritz Lang's classic, but also introduced silent cinema to an entire generation of MTV viewers and young moviegoers. Moroder's restoration became an instant classic, even if it raised some controversy among silent cinema scholars and long-standing fans of Fritz Lang's work.


    Now, more than 25 years since its original release, a new HD transfer was created from one of the few remaining prints available, and Kino Lorber is presenting this unique and now widely celebrated edition of Metropolis in the best possible quality - just as it was seen in its original release in August 1984.

    Released under its original title, Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis is scheduled to play in over 75 theatrical markets nationwide. Starting on October 7, the film arrives in Los Angeles for a week-long run at Cinefamily, and a week later (Oct. 14), it arrives at New York's Sunshine Cinema (Landmark) for a two-day, midnight run. For a complete theatrical list, visit the film's page on the Kino Lorber web site (orclick here).


    After this limited theatrical run, Kino Lorber will release Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis on DVD and Blu-ray, both on November 15. The DVD comes priced at $29.95 and the Blu-ray at $34.95.

    Kino's DVD and Blu-ray editions of the film will feature a personal message from Giorgio Moroder, as well as the Moroder-produced documentary "The Fading Image," about the behind the scenes of this restoration and this version's celebrated (also also, controversial) scoring. Furthermore, the first pressing of this release's DVD and Blu-ray discs will arrive with a foil-embossed packaging and slip case.

    "I began a three-year endeavor to restore Metropolis with an eye towards introducing it to new audiences," says Giorgio Moroder, who has finally allowed a film distribution company to release his acclaimed restoration. "It was 1981, and by then Metropolis had almost disappeared from circulation. Now, my good friends at Kino Lorber have created a new digital transfer, from one of the few existing prints, in order to present Metropolis to you as it was seen in 1984."

    "I'm a huge fan of classic science fiction," says Eric D. Wilkinson, Vice President of Home Entertainment Sales and Distribution at Kino Lorber, "... and Giorgio Moroder's version ofMetropolis was my introduction to this historic silent film."

    Kino Lorber's CEO Richard Lorber also adds: "Metropolis is cinema in its most visionary and spectacular form, and this film's restoration was in itself an epic story. Moroder's version was the missing link in a rich genealogy, leading up to last year's The Complete Metropolis, so I'm thrilled that Kino Lorber can make this available on all our platforms."

    For additional information, please contact Rodrigo Brandão at, or check the film's official website at

    To request screeners, please, email and include the desired format (DVD or Blu-ray) on the email's subjct line.



    LANGUAGE: English
    LABEL: Kino Classics
    TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 82 mins.
    AUDIO: Original 2.0 Stereo, & new 5.1 mix
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    Really looking forward to this. I don't have to keep my old Laserdisc copy in an sealed vault anymore!

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