Kino Press Release: Buster Keaton's GO WEST and BATTLING BUTLER (Blu-ray)

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    [​IMG] Kino Classics Proudly Presents the Blu-Ray and DVD Release of

    Buster Keaton's Go West (1925) and Battling Butler (1926)

    [​IMG] Blu-ray [​IMG] DVD

    Two Silent Comedy Classics

    Available for the First Time on Blu-Ray from Kino Lorber!

    Mastered from 35mm Nitrate Prints Preserved by the Library of Congress

    GO WEST (1925): " and uproarious, with countless novel comedy twists."

    - Mordaunt Hall, The New York Times (Oct. 26, 1925)

    BATTLING BUTLER (1926): "A typical Buster Keaton farce...Mr. Keaton lives up to his name as an excellent screen fun-maker"

    - Mordaunt Hall, The New York Times (Aug. 23, 1926)


    New York, NY - September 2, 2011 - Kino Classics, the new label from Kino Lorber specializing in classic and silent film, is proud to announce the release of two silent comedy classics from Buster Keaton: Go West (1925) and Battling Butler (1926). This special set showcases two of Keaton's lesser-known films, newly mastered in HD from 35mm nitrate elements preserved by the Library of Congress.
    Kino has previously brought five of Mr. Keaton's feature-length films (The General,Steamboat Bill Jr., Sherlock Jr., Three Ages and Our Hospitality), as well as all 19 of his independently-produced short subjects (Buster Keaton: The Short Films Collection 1920-1923), to the Blu-ray format.

    These two gems from one of silent comedy's masters come packaged together (on Blu-ray and DVD) in a 2-disc Ultimate Edition loaded with special features, including a 1923 short comedy from Hal Roach's "Dippy Do Dads" series also titled Go West; a 60-minute audio recording of Buster Keaton working out ideas for a script proposal of the Western TV series Wagon Train; excerpts from a screenplay written by Keaton for an unproduced remake of Battling Butler; a stills gallery from the original 1922 Broadway production of Battling Butler, and more!

    Kino Classics' Blu-ray is priced at $34.95, and the DVD is priced at $29.95. Both are available for prebook on August 30th, with a street date of September 27th.

    With his trademark deadpan demeanor and his gift for inventive visual humor, Buster Keaton's unique brand of comedy has proven to be a timeless source of laughter and an enduring influence upon several generations of screen comics.

    In Go West, Keaton plays an idealistic young man known as "Friendless," who rides the rails to a dude ranch, forms a sentimental attachment with an especially lovable cow, and, in the film's breathtaking climax, finds himself at the center of a cattle stampede through the streets of Los Angeles.
    Based on a popular stage musical, Battling Butler stars Keaton as a pampered socialite who pretends to be a famed prizefighter in order to impress his girlfriend's bullying brothers. Once begun, however, the charade is not easy to end, and Butler--aided by his personal butler (Snitz Edwards)--must endure physical training, sparring, and, unless he can stop it, a title bout with the "Alabama Murderer."

    Special Features:
    * Go West (1923, 12 Min.), a western-themed comedy short produced by Hal Roach, starring the "Dippy Do Dads," a troupe of trained monkeys * A rare 60-minute audio recording of Buster Keaton hashing out a script proposal for the western TV series "Wagon Train" (courtesy of Bob Borgen) * Excerpts of the screenplay for an unproduced remake of Battling Butler, written by Keaton in 1947 * Gallery of photographs from the 1922 stage production of Battling Butler * Two galleries of production stills

    Go West (1925) and

    Battling Butler (1926)

    Director: Buster Keaton

    Genre: Silent Comedy

    BD SRP: $34.95

    DVD SRP: $29.95

    Prebook date: August 30, 2011

    Street date: September 27, 2011

    US / B&W with color tints / Not Rated / 1.33:1 / Silent with English intertitles /

    183 mins. total

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