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Kino Lorber Press Release: The Max Linder Collection

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Ronald Epstein, May 6, 2014.

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    Kino Classics Releases
    The Max Linder Collection
    a collection of four classic comedies starring celebrated screen comedy pioneer Max Linder

    Four Restored Classic Comedies
    from the Lobster Films archives
    become available on DVD on May 27th
    including The Three Must-Get-Theres,
    Be My Wife, Seven Years Bad Luck
    and Max Wants a Divorce

    [​IMG] NEW YORK, NY - MAY 6, 2014 - Kino Classics proudly presents THE MAX LINDER COLLECTION, a new collection of four restored silent comedies culled from the archives of Lobster Films, starring Max Linder - the celebrated pioneer of screen comedy and one the first international comedy superstars. Linder, whom Charlie Chaplin called his "Professor", is showcased in this DVD which collects three of his American feature-length comedies, THE THREE MUST-GET-THERES (1922), the complete version of BE MY WIFE (1921), and SEVEN YEARS BAD LUCK (1921), along with his 1917 Essanay short, MAX WANTS A DIVORCE.

    THE MAX LINDER COLLECTION is set to street on DVD on May 27th, with a SRP of $29.95.

    [​IMG]Linder's screen character of the elegantboulevardier stood in contrast to other knockabout comedians of his time, combining slapstick with sophisticated situational humor centered around his misadventures.

    Linder's screen career began in France, where he starred in over 100 comedies that catapulted his "Max" character into international recognition. Following World War I, Linder came to Hollywood, where he continued creating his wonderful brand of comedy, four examples of which are showcased in this collection from Kino Classics that gives fans the chance to see these rare works from one of comedy's most influential talents.

    Kino Classics and Lobster Films celebrate the legacy of Max Linder, a pioneer of comedy whom Charlie Chaplin referred to as "the great master." With his trademark silk top hat and cane, the French-born Linder blended slapstick with sophistication, and invested his films with a layer of cleverness that elevated them beyond mere knockabout comedies, paving the way for such multi-dimensional screen comedians as Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd.

    The collection includes four of Linder's American-made productions, meticulously restored from archival materials: THE THREE MUST-GET-THERES (1922, a parody of The Three Musketeers), SEVEN YEARS BAD LUCK (1921, a masterpiece of physical comedy), and the romantic farcesBE MY WIFE (1921) and MAX WANTS A DIVORCE (1917).

    US | 1922 | Color Tinted | 57 Mins. ​
    Written and Directed by Max Linder​
    Photographed by Max Dupont and Enrique Juan Vallejo​
    With Max Linder, Bull Montana, Frank Cooke, Jobyna Ralston, Caroline Rankin​
    Compositions and Arrangements: Maud Nelissen
    US | 1921 | B&W | 57 Min.​
    Written and Directed by Max Linder​
    Photographed by Charles Van Enger​
    With Max Linder, Alta Allen, Caroline Rankin​
    Music by Eric Le Guen
    US | 1921 | Color Tinted | 64 min.​
    Written and Directed by Max Linder​
    With Max Linder, Alta Allen, Ralph McCullough, Betty K. Peterson​
    Music Compiled and Directed by Robert Israel
    US | 1917 | B&W | 27 Min.​
    Written and Directed by Max Linder​
    With Max Linder, Martha Mansfield​
    Music by Donald Sosin
    Director: Max Linder​
    Genre: Comedy​
    DVD Street Date: May 27, 2014​
    DVD SRP: $29.95​
    DVD UPC: 738329130329​

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