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    Kino Lorber and Adopt Films Announce DVD Release of Miguel Gomes' award-winning film
    Available on DVD October 29th
    NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 - Kino Lorber and Adopt Films are proud to announce the DVD release of Tabu, a film by Miguel Gomes. Called "A playful, deeply romantic shape shifter of a movie" (Dennis Lim, The New York Times), Tabu won a Silver Bear Special Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. Jay Weissburg in Varietypraised it as "Surprisingly enriching and poetic", and Peter Bradshaw in The Guardiancalled it "'s a gem."

    Now, this celebrated film comes to DVD on October 29th, with a SRP of $29.95.

    Acclaimed director Miguel Gomes returns with a sumptuous, eccentric two-part tale centered on Aurora, shown first as an impulsive, cantankerous elderly woman in present-day Lisbon. When Aurora is hospitalized, she sends her neighbor, Pilar, to pass word of her grave condition to Gian Luca, a man of which no one has ever heard her speak.

    Pilar's quest to fulfill her friend's wish transports us to Africa fifty years earlier, before the start of the Portuguese Colonial War. We see Aurora again, this time as the gorgeous, smoldering wife of a wealthy young farmer, involved in a forbidden love affair with Gian Luca, her husband's best friend.

    Their moving, poetic tale is conveyed through the older Gian Luca's suave voiceover, combined with the lush, melodious sounds of its heady, tropical setting, peppered with a soundtrack of Phil Spector songs.

    Tabu is the third feature film from director Miguel Gomes, whose previous films have included The Face You Deserve and Our Beloved Month of August (which was presented in the Directors' Fortnight in the Cannes Film Festival).

    Tabu is directed by Miguel Gomes, written by Miguel Gomes and Mariana Ricardo, and produced by Luís Urbano and Sandro Aguilar. It stars Teresa Madruga, Laura Soveral, Ana Moreira, Henrique Espírito Santo, Carloto Cotta, Isabel Cardoso, Ivo Müller, and Manuel Mesquita.

    Director: Miguel Gomes​
    Genre: Drama​
    DVD Street date: October 29, 2013​
    DVD SRP: $29.95
    Technical Specs:​
    118 mins. / B&W / 2012 / Dolby Digital Stereo / 16:9 Aspect Ratio​

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    Sad that this isn't available, in the US, on BD.
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    Yeah, its on a MOC Blu-ray in the UK for about the same price as this domestic DVD.

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