Kind of a strange problem...

Luc D

Second Unit
Apr 29, 2000
301 is a website that I have used for a good year now, but for some reason that know one I know seems to be able to explain, neither my brother or myself are able to access this website anymore. And it's not because it's down, because everyone else I know can access it without any problem. My brother and I are both on cable, but that shouldn't matter because my cousin who also uses the same provider is able to access the site. I've tried turning off my firewall, turning down my Internet security settings... nothing. Nothing I do seems to make a difference.
So I'm out of ideas. I'm posting this in the hopes that some of you may have an explanation.

Craig Chatterton

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 18, 1999
Brainstorming ideas here -
* Did you wipe your MSIE cache? Delete everything, cookies, temporary files, etc.
*Do you have the latest MSIE? Try upgrading to the 6.0 beta.
*Try installing another browser, like Netscape or Opera to see if they get it.
*Try using a Dial-up free ISP (if you still have a modem), like NetZero for a day - see if you can get to the site through that.
*go to your DOS prompt and try pinging the site (PING, see if you get a response back, if not, maybe the DNS you're set up with doesn't have that entry, for some reason.
*The IP address for that site is Try just typing that into your browser. This relates to the DNS problem above - if it works then your DNS doesn't have entry for some reason.
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Luc D

Second Unit
Apr 29, 2000
The problem seems to have resolved itself. Before I had a chance to fiddle with anything I tried once more and I can now access the site without any problems. What can I say? I'm still puzzled as to why I couldn't before, but I suppose there's no point in wasting my time, or yours, with this anymore.
But hey, thanks for the help.
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