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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Edwin_H, May 7, 2004.

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    I'm just curious about something. I purchased a Spiderman Superbit from a site called and the box said it was Region 3, however, it played without a problem in my DVD player(Denon 5900). So, my question is would I be able to play the Kill Bill DVD that the same website is selling which is also Region 3?? Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm just baffled at how Spiderman actually worked. And I'd love to be able to see Kill Bill without the silly black and white crap. Anyway, hope someone can help me out here.

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    Its Region 3 Korea.

    Columbia TriStar is one of the few distributors that uses multiple region codes on certain releases...

    Air Force One is R1 due to Touchstone Pictures international distribution deal.

    Black Hawk Down - Superbit Deluxe is R1, R3, and R4.

    Spider-Man is R1 and R3.

    Just to name a few.

    And FYI...

    Only the Japanese R2 release is the complete color version of the film.

    All other releases are the US color/black & white version of the film.

    R3 Thailand, R3 Korea, and even R3 Hong Kong(despite what the artwork says).
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    I have the r3 (Korean) version of Kill Bill vol.1 and i can confirm it will only load on my multi region player and not my stand alone r4.It dosen't have the full colour sequence in the house of blue leaves like the r2 japan.It is otherwise a beautiful dvd with great transfer and the dts soundtrack sounded alot better in my home theater than it did at the cinema [​IMG]

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