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Kill Bill music question (1 Viewer)

Tom Martin

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 21, 2003
what's that bit of music playing in the background during the animated sequence of o-ren assasinating a political type figure riding in a limousine?


Feb 14, 2003
If I'm not mistaken it's an Isaac Hayes' track called "Run Fay Run", which is on the soundtrack album.


Supporting Actor
May 20, 1999
This should be a fairly accurate list. I denoted songs that are on the CD soundtracks with a *

Volume 1

The HOBL fight cues are here since they're on the CD soundtrack. I didn't include the movie dialogue tracks.

Bang Bang-Nancy Sinatra [opening scene-credits]*
Music Box Dancer-Frank Mills [playing from the ice cream truck]
Ironside-Quincy Jones [zoom to The Bride's eyes] *
That Certain Female-Charlie Feathers [sheriff drives to the church massacre]*
Twisted Nerve-Bernard Herrmann [Elle enters the hospital]*
Seven Notes In Black-Vince Tempera [Buck finds The Bride gone]
Truck Turner-Isaac Hayes [The Bride searches for the ***** Wagon]
Grand Duel-Luis Bacalov [anime-intro]*
I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta-Armando Trovaioli [anime-Pretty Riki impales O'ren's father]
Run Fay Run-Isaac Hayes [anime-O-Ren with the sniper rifle]*
Kaifuku Suru Kizu-Lily Chou Chou [The Bride enters Hanzo's sword room]
The Lonely Shephard-Zamfir [Hattori Hanzo hands the sword over to The Bride] (also at the end credits)*
Green Hornet-Al Hirt [The Bride flies into Tokyo]*
Battle Without Honor or Humanity- Tomoyasu Hotei [O-ren motorcade-crew enters The House of Ble Leaves]*
I Walk Like Jane Mansfield-The 5678's [House of Blue Leaves]
I'm Blue-5678's [House of Blue Leaves]
Woohoo-5678's [House of Blue leaves-Bride/Sofie tracking shot]*
From Man To Man (Death Rides A Horse)-Ennio Morricone-[The Bride calls out O-Ren]
Flip Sting [HOBL fight]*
Super 16-NEU! (excerpt) [HOBL fight]*
Super 16 (Full)-NEU! [HOBL fight]
Crane/White Lightning [HOBL fight]*
Day Of Anger-Riz Ortolani [HOBL fight-buildup to The Bride removing the Crazy 88 eyeball]
Sword Swings [HOBL fight]*
Axe Throws [HOBL fight]*
Champions of Death-? [HOBL fight-Bride fights Johnny Mo on the stairs then hits him with the bamboo stick]
Police Check Point-Harry Betts [HOBL fight-The Bride looks up to see O-Ren leaving]
Nobody But Me-The Human Beinz [HOBL fight-Bride gets two swords]
Banister Fight [HOBL fight]*
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood-Santa Esmerelda [O-ren/Bride snow fight]*
The Flower of Carnage-Meiko Kaji [O-ren falls]*
Yagyu Conspiracy-? ["Your wicked life" trunk scene]
The Lonely Shepherd-Zamfir ["Does she know..." end credits] (also at the Hattori/Bride scene)*
Urami Bushi-Meiko Kaji [end credits] (on Vol. 2 CD soundtrack)


Volume 2

Not sure about all the Robert Rodriguez cues here so I left them out. Also, no dialogue tracks here either.

A Silhouette of Doom-Ennio Morricone [opening credits, Bride recap of Vol. 1]*
Il Tramanto-Ennio Morricone [The Bride heads outside the chapel]*
A Satisfied Mind-Johnny Cash [The Bride gets ready to kill Budd]*
A Fistful of Dollars-Ennio Morricone [Budd spits on the Bride]
Can't Hardly Stand It-Charlie Feathers [Budd and Ernie go grave-digging]*
Il Mercenario-Ennio Morricone [nailing the casket shut]
Three Tough Guys-Isaac Hayes [Tiger Crane vs. Eagle Claw]
L'Arena-Ennio Morricone [Casket escape]*
The Chase-Alan Reeves [Elle driving to Budd]*
The Sunny Road To Salina-Bernard Girard-Christophe [The Bride walking through the desert]
Ironside [The Bride witnesses Elle's arrival]
A Silhouette of Doom-Ennio Morricone [Elle-Bea sword showdown]*
Tu Mira-Lole Y Manuel [Bea drives to Esteban]*
Summertime Killer-Luis Bacalov [The Bride goes to Bill]*
About Her-Malcolm McLaren [BB falls asleep]*
The Demise of Barbara and the Return of Joe/Navajo Joe-Ennio Morricone [Final Bill-Bride scene]
Malaguena Salerosa-Chingon [Cast picture credits]*
Goodnight Moon-Shivaree [Thr Bride driving credits]*
Urami Bushi-Meiko Kaji [end credits scroll]*
Black Mamba (instrumental) [end credits]* (hidden)


Feb 14, 2003
Does anybody know which film score this track is originally from? When I first saw KB vol.1 I recall hearing it before, but not in a very long time.


Stunt Coordinator
Jun 10, 2002
I hope sometime in the future there is a boxset with all the music from the films as I love it all so very much and I'm not a fan of downloading music.


Supporting Actor
Jun 28, 2002
Speaking of the sound track to this film, does anyone remember hearing the haunting harmonica theme from "Once upon a in the West" during one of the scenes? Cant remember exactly which scene but it seems to me like it was in one of the lead ups to a fight.

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