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Kid gets stuck in crane game at Wal-Mart

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by MarkHastings, May 22, 2005.

  1. MarkHastings

    MarkHastings Executive Producer

    Jan 27, 2003
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    So do you think Toy Story 2 had any impact on this kid? [​IMG]

    The most disturbing part was this:Now I know the camera department is close by, but she had to have actually LEFT the kid in the machine and go and buy a camera. [​IMG] I don't know what to say! [​IMG]

    p.s. After reading the article about the employee who lost his finger in the forzen custard (and the man who kept it for "evidence"). I wonder if someone was playing the game at the time the kid was let out? Would they have "won" him? [​IMG]
  2. Garrett Lundy

    Garrett Lundy Producer

    Mar 5, 2002
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    Thats either a very small child or a very large claw-game.

    I wonder if got the toy he wanted while he was doin' time?

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