KF42WE610 from One Call - Anyone Have Experience Ordering Large Screen Monitor?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Chas_T, Nov 17, 2003.

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    I recently ordered the KF42WE610 from Onecall.com. I'm in the que for delivery like everyone else, (2 months for the 42" and about 1 month for the 50") but that is not a problem as I am patient.

    In the past, I've done business with them for smaller items which was a positive experience, but not with a large screen display. I'm curious if anyone else on the HTF has ordered a large screen display from this online company and what their experience was like.

    Of course they are authorized Sony dealers, but I have trepidation about making a purchase of this amount and of course, shipping a product this size. The price is no secret as it's 11% off retail and I also purchased the extended warranty for one extra year.

    I've done some homework on the purchase, but is there anything that I need to be aware of when dealing with Onecall that I may have missed?

    Thanks are in advance,
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    My boss ordered a 36 inch Toshiba TV from them (CRT). While not as big dimension-wise, it was very heavy. In any event he had no problems. The TV arrived in great shape and has been working fine ever since. I have ordered a few things from Onecall and have always been satisfied.

    Probably a bigger concern is how much time you will spend it front of it once it arrives. [​IMG]


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