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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Steve Ridges, May 16, 2005.

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    Hi. I'm shopping for a new bank and I'm looking at Key Bank but I'm unsure if it will solve a problem I have with MS Money. Here's the situation...

    I curently use Bank of America. When you bank online thru their webpage and look at checking account debit card transactions (we use are debit card a lot so this is important), each transaction take 2 lines. The first line is a bunch of numbers followed by the amount. The second line is the name of the vendor.

    I just purchased MS Money 2005 to help with budgeting etc. It has a feature where it will connect thru the internet to your bank and download / sync all your accounts. When it does this, Money only shows the first line of each transaction which just contains meaningless numbers instead of the vendors name. I contacted Microsoft about this and they said it's because my bank (Bank of America) is not fully co-operating with the data request and either not formating the data they return correctly or just not returning all the info.

    Since I'm looking for another bank for other reasons, I thought I would take the opportunity to find one that is "compatable" with Money. Key Bank is close by and I'd like to try them out. When I asked if they were compatable with Money, they said sure. We're compatible with Money, Quicken, etc. I believe what they are refering to is that you can go to their website and output your account info into a Money or Quicken type file which you can then import. I don't want to do this as it adds an extra step.

    Does anyone use the online features of Money with Key Bank? If so, how do they work?

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    Not with Key, but I do use Money, and have been doing so for years. I go through the "extra" step and download it to my hard drive, and when Money is opened up, you can verify the transactions one by one.

    That's really a good idea in case there was a typo somewhere, and you can also keep track of what checks haven't been paid.

    I had "free" $2.99) DVD offer last year, and it took about 3 months before they even cashed the check! Even funnier, when I did get it one seam on the envelope had opened up, and I just got an empty package! I got a replacement within a week!

    So, do the extra step. Go through the options too. I have disabled and/or removed quite a lot of the features I don't need.


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