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    You posted the below response not too long ago. I also have ACI Sapphire III's for my mains and I'm looking for surrounds. Do you notice a mismatch between the Axioms and Sapphires - same level of brightness, etc.? Do you find them distracting at all, in other words, do they call attention to themselves? How are they with music?
    Anything else that you can elaborate on?

    Thanks much - you are the first person that I've heard of using the quadpolars with the Sapphires or with any of ACI's speakers.


    I spoke with Alan Lofft from Axiom to determine which surrounds I should use. I had planned on purchasing the M2Tis (on sale for $180!). He recommended going with the QS4s, as they disburse the sound better and you can't really 'pinpoint' where the surround speakers are.

    I received them Wedensday and have been playing with them for a little while now. I must say that so far I am impressed. They are very clear and enveloping.

    Tonight the wife is not home so it will be 'loud movie night' (with a good beer) at my house.

    Rotel RB985
    Denon 2801 (preamp)
    ACI Sapphire IIIs (main)
    Axiom QS-4 (surround)
    Diva C3 center (yeah yeah, a 'mutt' system, but it sounds good).
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    Are you listening to 5 channel music? If not, don't worry about matching speakers. I just installed the Axiom QS8's in my room and I have to tell you these things sound great for surrounds. Not so great in music.

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