Kenwood VR510 and audio modes

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    Nov 16, 2000
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    A co-worker recently purchased the Kenwood VR510 receiver and so far is quite happy with it, with the exception of one issue. Here's his question:

    Is it possible to switch audio modes from analog to digital and vice versa from the remote? After taking a look at the online manual for the receiver, it appears that this function is only available on the receiver itself, which is quite annoying.

    This is really an issue since our local digital cable provider refuses to fix the software on our digital cable terminals. They offer digital sound on select channels, while the rest remain analog. However, on analog only channels, the digital output sends 'silence'. Since a signal is still there, the receiver will not automatically switch from digital to analog.

    I also have the same problem, but at least my Denon 5800 allows me to switch the audio mode from the remote. Any assistance will be appreciated... thanks in advance!
  2. Peter Rohlfs

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    I have the 509 and the same problem for a diffrent reason.

    I want ot use the bitstream when playing regular DVDs and have the reciever do the decoding but have to use the 5.1 inputs when doing DVD-Audio.

    So unfrotunately I believe the answer is no.

  3. jacek p

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    Nov 8, 2001
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    I believe you are wrong. My 509 has separate DVD/CD (optical) and DVD/6ch (coax).

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