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kenwood htb-504 sub vs. sony sa-wm40 sub question (1 Viewer)

Jan 3, 2002
I currently have the kenwood sub, and it sounds good but im wondering if the sony would give me more of an improvment.

It seems like the kenwood just isnt loud enough. I haven't had a chance to hear the sony yet but i have heard many say how good it is.Thanks!

steve nn

Senior HTF Member
Jan 12, 2002
Yes the WM-40 will be a improvement. You will be able to listen at a higher level. I bought the WM at the same time I bought my 504 and ran them both. Before I upgraded to the Vel ct 150 I tried the WM on its own and then the Ken on its own. The WM was a big improvement. The 504 system for the money can't be beet at this time and if you factor in the cost of the sub it comes with, it is a great sub for the money to get started with. Here is how I break it down--$50 for the sub, $50 for the speakers and $300 for the receiver. I sold my WM to a friend who had sound but no sub all these years. He could not believe the difference. You can push the WM much harder with out bottoming it out and the 12" driver does sound better and will handle playing at a much higher dB level.

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