Kenwood 510, Denon 2802 ...specific questions!!

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    Dec 7, 2001
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    I've spent the last couple of weeks searching all the "which receiver should I get" threads and still have a couple questions. Thanks for your willingness to help!

    I have set aside $500 for a receiver. Was going to go with Kenwood VR-510 until I found the Denon 2802 online for $567 including shipping. So now I'm trying to determine if I really should spend the $567 for Denon vs. $432 for Kenwood.

    Here are my must-have features: DD, DTS, DPLII, 5.1 or better, plenty of ins/outs of component/s-video/etc. I'm not an audiophile, so don't necessarily have to have the "premium" brand...but I want good features that will last for a few years. Receiver will be probably used 80% of time for HT, 20% for music.

    I need help with these issues:

    1. How big a deal is THD of .05% (denon) vs. .07%. (I'm newbie and don't know what this means).

    2. Will the Denon's 6.1 give me immediate benefits if I don't use an additional amp?

    3. I will be using the receiver with Hi-def widescreen TV and Hi-def satellite. Don't have progressive scan DVD player, just cheaper model, but will upgrade later. Is there any differences in Component Switching features between the two receivers? Or will I want/need to connect my DVD player directly to TV so it doesn't really matter? (I'm still a bit confused about the component switching...)

    4. Concerned about the crappy Denon remote - is it just hard to use or what? I won't be able to afford a nice programmable remote anytime soon.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Nov 28, 2000
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    IMO (and probably many others) the Denon is worth the few extra bucks.

    Forget the THD numbers. It's just a matter of how they measured the amp and is not an indication of how good something will sound. Alot of times THD numbers can be 'fudged' by use of negative feedback circuitry.

    The 2802 has 6 amps on board. You'll only not benefit if you don't use a 6th speaker.

    If they both switch component, they both switch component. I suppose there might be some concern if you're going to use it to switch HD signals, but I think the Denon meets the spec.

    Get a $30 RadioShack remote. They can learn functions and do macros. Once you've set up the receiver and only need to switch inputs and adjust volume, it's all you'll need.
  3. DerekF

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    Nov 26, 2001
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    I demo'd both of these units in my home before, ironically, buying a Yamaha 2200 (but that's another story).

    I say take the Denon, in a big way.

    The Denon remote's only flaw is that it looks like it came from the '80s, but does everything you need, including basic macros. The KW remote is a pain because you cannot directly choose a component to control--you have to surf through them all, one at a time...but it looks pretty!

    The sound on the Denon is head and shoulders above the KW as well--especially in 2CH. Disregard the THX stamp on the front of the KW when making a purchase decision.

    I went with the Yamaha because I got a deal I couldn't turn down, but to tell the truth, I miss the Denon when it comes to 2CH music, and set-up, both of which it does better than my 2200. And you won't regret getting 6.1 down the road...

    Get the Denon.

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