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    Lots of goodies 4 Sale

    Hi folks-Here are some items I am letting go of. I am the original owner of them and everything was treated with TLC in a non-smoking environment.

    Prices include shipping in the lower 48 US. International folks can figure out the shipping charges at the USPS website based on the weight listed for the items.

    I take PayPal, money orders and checks drawn on US banks.

    Although this is my first time posting sales here, I have a long and happy six year trading history on eBay...check feedback for username gitrooper.


    Toshiba SD-1200 DVD/CD Player-cosmetically perfect-works perfectly, includes remote, cables and instruction book. No Box, 7 lbs. $49


    You can see pics, specs and reviews here:


    Kenwood VR-309 A/V Surround Receiver-Cosmetically excellent, works perfectly, DTS, DD5.1, DPL decoding -has remote and all paperwork. No box 20 lbs. $75


    Reviews and specs:


    DENON AVR-2000 AV Surround Receiver-Terrific Surround Sound receiver with Dolby Pro-Logic decoding. Cosmetically excellent. In their day, the Denon AVR-2000, AVR-2500, AVR-3000, AVR-3801 and last year's AVR-3802 were all heralded as best in their class.Works great except for FM. It just stopped working about three years ago. Everything else works perfectly. Includes learning remote and manual/paperwork. No box. 30 lbs. $75


    Radio Shack 6 in One Smart Audio/Video Remote Control. This remote is terrific and has cool blue backlighting. I have 2 but only need one. Comes with instruction book. No box 1 lb. $15


    More info than you ever wanted to know about this remote is here:


    You can email me at [email protected] if interested.

    John Medeiros
    [email protected]

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