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    May 29, 1999
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    For anyone that loves the Kef sound, check out these links. Essentially, there is a new line the XQ which is a bridge between the new Q series and the utterly amazing new Reference line. Think Q series with hypertweeter.
    These are exactly what I am looking for - Reference Series at a reasonable price (no pricing as of yet). I am thinking (just my hunch) that Kef may discontinue the RDM line, and this is the replacement. If so, and the pricing is similar, I will be picking up new speakers in Oct.
    Here is the press release.
    Here is the where the new home page will be (we have to wait 2 more days).
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    Mar 29, 2000
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    Thanks George!
    I think I heard them when the Kef reps came around a few months back.Sounds pretty good (hard to tell in a noisey shop)
    It was pretty funny, when I told the rep that I was using 5 Q75s, he called over all the other kef people there. He was like,"Bloody hell, 5 Q75s...thats incredible. Never heard 5 together before!".
    I thought I was going to bring the whole lot home to listen to them

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