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Kaleidescape Store Offers New Recommendation Engine, More Titles, Disc-to-Digital Offers (1 Viewer)

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Kaleidescape Store Offers New Recommendation Engine, More Titles, and On-Screen Disc-to-Digital OffersNew Features Substantially Improve the Leading Source of Blu-ray Quality Movies for Online Purchase and Download

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Kaleidescape, Inc., the market leader in home movie servers, today announced a major upgrade to the Kaleidescape Store. In addition to offering thousands more titles from Hollywood studios, Kaleidescape is debuting a powerful new recommendation engine, making it easier to discover and download great movies. Another improvement is the ease with which customers can upgrade their DVDs and Blu-ray discs to digital copies of the same or higher quality, freeing them from dependency on physical discs.
Well-Matched Movies
Unlike other movie recommendation engines that only utilize the purchase history from a single vendor, Kaleidescape's new engine gathers its knowledge from the customer's entire movie collection, then matches it to the collections of many thousands of other Kaleidescape users. With proprietary algorithms, the engine predicts what movies the customer will like, based on the collections of users with similar tastes.
Kaleidescape, creator of the highly regarded Cinema One home movie player, has also made finding just the right movie on the Kaleidescape Store easier than ever by adding advanced sorting and filtering capabilities with an elegant user interface. Customers can now filter their choices by critics' ratings, parental controls, price, quality, and movies they already own.
Transition from Disc to Digital Made Easy
Kaleidescape's Digital Offers enable customers to upgrade their DVDs and Blu-ray discs to downloaded digital copies, eliminating the hassle of physical discs. Customers can now easily find out what Digital Offers are available to them on the Kaleidescape Store or the on-screen display user interface ("OSD") and see which movies can be upgraded to a digital version of the same quality and which can be upgraded (for a fee) from DVD to Blu-ray quality.
Complementing these features, Kaleidescape also announced more content from a major content owner ("Movie Selection Expands on Kaleidescape with Content Licensed from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment"). This new studio deal brings the total number of titles licensed for the Kaleidescape Store to over 8,400 movies and 1,000 TV seasons.
"With more movies, a store that is unrivaled in its ability to deliver true Blu-ray quality movie downloads, as well as improved recommendations and easy-to-use disc-to-digital migration options, we are underscoring our ongoing commitment to providing the most convenient and inspiring home movie watching experience possible," said Cheena Srinivasan, founder and CEO of Kaleidescape. "And with the addition of another major studio and more to come shortly, Kaleidescape can now offer even more new releases in Blu-ray quality, shortly after theatrical release and long before those titles appear on disc."
"Our customers have always preferred convenience over quality, but what if you could have both?" said Dennis Jaques, owner and president of Maverick Integration. "Home theaters are only as good as the content that they can play, and the Kaleidescape Store provides an easy way to buy the best movies over the Internet for your high-end home movie experience. Even better, studios are promoting early availability of new releases for electronic purchase. And Kaleidescape is the only provider that can deliver early releases in Blu-ray quality for a truly spectacular movie night at home."
About Kaleidescape
Kaleidescape's products and services provide the best way to enjoy movies in your home. Kaleidescape is known for developing award-winning movie servers, giving consumers the ability to download Blu-ray quality movies, and a rich Movie Guide that unlocks the magic of a personal movie collection. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Kaleidescape sells its products through custom installation dealers and distributors around the world.
Kaleidescape and the Kaleidescape logo are trademarks of Kaleidescape, Inc., and are registered in the United States and certain other jurisdictions. Other trademarks and trade names are owned by third parties and may be registered in some jurisdictions.

SOURCE Kaleidescape
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You think "upgraded from DVD to BD quality" just means upconversion?


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Nov 7, 2006
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Richard V said:
You think "upgraded from DVD to BD quality" just means upconversion?
Kaleidescape downloads the actual Blu-ray streams. In this case they actually mean that you upgrade the commercial DVD streams to the commercial Blu-Ray streams.

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