jvc xv-fa90bk progressive scan dvd???

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    hi guys,
    i have a customer that has inquired about this new multi-disc dvd player for a system that i am installing for him. he purchased the new 61" marantz plasma and i would hate to see him "cheap out" on a player. i can't imagine the performance on this unit is worthy of a $30,000 display but i have not seen the unit yet. does anyone have any experience with it yet? i am interested to hear your opinions. thanks!
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    I have the xv-fa95gd which is the same exact unit only in gold finish. While I don't have it hooked up to a $30,000 plasma display, I do have it hooked up to a Panasonic wxf95 56" HD ready display and it puts out a fine picture in progressive scan mode(I just use the smart setting in progressive mode but there are other choices as well). It does a good job of scaling non-anamorphic discs and it has dvd-audio to boot. It is a fine unit overall but if your friend has a large budget he should go for a higher end unit that would probably give even better performance. It wouldn't hurt to give the unit a try though. He could always take it back and get something else if it doesn't perform up to expectations. Does he want a multidisc changer? If not the Panasonic RP91 might be another player to try out. It is single disc but it is loaded with features. I had it for a while and the audio performance is superb. I never got the picture the way I wanted it but alot of others on this forum have it and love it. There is alot of information on the RP91 here if you do a search for past posts there are alot of tips to get the most out of your rp91. I'm sure others will post some more options for you. Best of luck!!

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