JVC I'Art AV-27F702 vs. SAMSUNG Tantus TSK2792F

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    I've been looking to upgrade my modest Toshiba 27H50 to something a little nicer since I spend a considerable amount of time watching my DVD collection (more so than television or videotape). After looking at various TVs (including the lovely Samsung TSK3092WF 16:9 TV), I've had to narrow it down to two choices. (I might considering the Samsung or JVC 32" models, but I'm not quite sure yet).
    Either the JVC I'Art AV-27F702 or the SAMSUNG Tantus TSK2792F. What I like about the Samsung is the built-in line doubling which some people find to be a nuisance.
    My problem is this: I've got a JVC SVHS machine that I use occasionally. On either of the TV's, would I still get the line-doubling from the component video input and be allowed to connect the VCR to the S-Video input at the same point? I've read some conflicting things about the line doubling only working from the S-Video input on the Samsung.
    Barring that, which is the better bet, and why? Any help would be appreciated. Either respond here or you can e-mail me directly at '[email protected]'
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    Rick Julian

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