JVC I-Art TV I need HELP with getting to and using the service menu

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Anthony_Gomez, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. I have the JVC AV-27F703. When I watch widescreen movies, I can really notice that myscreen needs to be rotate a couple of degrees clockwise.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction.

    Edit: I can get into the service menu, I just cant figure out how to rotate the screen.

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    If the whole picture is rotated then the deflection yoke needs to be rotated to correct. You'll need a dvd or test tape that has a crosshatch pattern recorded; Avia has them in Video section under "geometry tests".

    Play back then loosen the clamp screw on yoke and carefully rotate the whole yoke assembly until you get proper display in the horizontal plane. It may stick a bit just gently work it out. Be VERY careful working around with the glass tube especially at the end where it's easy to snag onto and break. If the picture tube breaks you're screwed.

    Words of warning: Extreme High Voltage and glass with major vacuum applied is involved so watch where your hands and non-magnetic tools go at ALL times. Remove kids, pets, and any other distractions you may have from room and remove ANY and ALL metallic objects from your body frontside, neck and hands when dealing with high voltage.

    DO NOT touch the ring magnets on yoke. They adjust color purity and static convergence. If you screw with those, you'll need a Sams service manual, about $20-$30 if they are even available or JVC service CD-rom (ain't cheap) from here, to find out which ring does what and the procedure to adjust. It's easy to work with if you have previous experience but in your case just avoid those rings.

    DO not horizontally slide yoke on glass tube too much, just enough to enable rotation until pattern is displayed correctly then slide forward up against the rubber wedges then tighten snuggly the clamp but not too tight. It may take several tries to get the display right.

    Do not mess with the rubber wedges between yoke and back of tube other than making sure they are taped securely in their positions. They help adjust the tube edge convergence. You might want to outline the wedge positions with a pencil before you loosen the yoke clamp just in case.

    Suggest some reading here to get familiar with the tv guts before starting this project.

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