JVC I`Art pro stuck in multi-screen demo mode

Discussion in 'Displays' started by PapaJ's52, Feb 8, 2014.

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    Larry Jenkins
    Tried to help my friend with his JVC I`Art pro. He wanted help with the screen opening up to its full size, but he did not have the orginal remote. He picked up a RCR3273R Universal Remote Control. The menu button does everything that the TV menu button does, nothing more. After going through all the menu options it just wandered into a multiscreen demo mode freezing each (only 5) UHF channels. Then after a minute it moved to a different multi to divided screen option, then after going through 6 or 7 different demo options it starts all over again. Obviously I need the orginal remote or a code for the universal remote to turn this function off. According to my friend this is the first and only time it has done this. Before I tried to find a way to broaden the screen it was working perfectly, now I feel really bad for messing with it.
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    Welcome to the forum Larry. :)

    If you cant find the original replacement remote for a reasonable price you can buy a cheap harmony remote. Harmony has an online database and likely has all the discrete remote functions for that specific TV.

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