JVC HD-ILA 52" installed, questions, problems...

Discussion in 'Displays' started by BrianWH, May 31, 2005.

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    Serial number seems low: 09080XXX
    Is this an older set?

    BB delivered yesterday morning. Setup was simple. After about 30 minutes of playing with SD off my DirecTV receiver, I got serious with my DVE disc and calibrated...

    1. Stuck red pixel near the middle left of the screen. Shows most whenever on black background or darker grays, etc. Easily seen on black background from 15-20 feet away.

    2. Convergence or CA issue: using patterns is DVE, white lines on black background, the left edge of the lines are green, the right edge is magenta. Looks misaligned. This is only on the LEFT 1/3 of the set, not on the right. The green/magenta edge is almost as wide as the white line itself.

    3. Black levels. In daytime, with some small amount of ambient light, it looks good. But at night with no lights, it looks like an LCD screen - too bright, lost detail in black areas.

    What's my best option here? Repair or just swap for something that may/may not be as good?

    Once the movie is playing, the stuck pixel is the only real deal-breaker for me, and I can assume that the black levels are what they are on this set. Anyone else see the convergence issue this bad/this localized.

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    STuff that you have to live with:

    Blacks are the way they are ... swapping out won't change this. Watch with ambient lights on at night too ... Makes blacks better.

    Stuff you should have looked after:

    Misalignment ... needs to be pointed out and have evidence that it is not normal.

    Stuff you might luck out on or are SOL :

    Stuck pixels ... especially if very few ... are not covered by warranty. In fact, most manuals talk about how this very thing is excluded and is "normal" for this technology.

    "within factory spec"

    If your dealer is sympathetic ... you luck out on this ... and you might get one more tV to look at but that is it ...

    This is where realisitc/unrealistic expectations collide with real world limitations.

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    if you just got this yesterday, you have no worries. best buy will replace it ... just go into the store and ask for an exchange.

    if they won't/can't exchange it just ask for your money back. [​IMG]

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