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JVC DVL805 Digital MiniDV Camcorder (1 Viewer)


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Jan 1, 2001
JVC DVL-805 MiniDV Camcorder in original box
Basically brand new. Literally used it on my honeymoon and thats it.
Perfect/new Condition.
Second 4 hour battery ($100 value)
2 hour battery
Lens Filter
Camera Bag
All cords
Editing Software
5 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY (even includes cleanings)
Original Receipt
Integrated Digital Still Camera
680,000 Pixel, 1/4" Interlace CCD
3.5" High Resolution, 270-degree rotating LCD color monitor
Full-Function Remote Control
F1.8 Bright lens
Digital CyberCam Video Camera
Electronic viewfinder with color 0.44" CRT
Integrated auto light
Built-in 2 MB Flash Memory
10X Optical Hyper Zoom
250X Digital Hyper Zoom with Spline Interpolation
Digital Image Stabilizer
16x9 Squeeze Mode
PCM Digital Stereo Audio
Snap Shot Modes: Full screen,Frame, Pin-up,Negative, Multi-Picture, 4-Frame / 9-Frame
Program AE with 12 Digital Effects and scene transitions
Iris Lock
Wide Mode
Manual focus, Exposure, and White Balance modes
Black Fader
Digital Wipes and Fades
Variable-speed Shutter (1/250, 1/100, 1/60 sec.)
High Density Image Recording, Mini DV NTSC (SD specifications)
BN-V408U 800 mAh Lithium-ion, High Capacity, rechargeable battery pack
Multi-voltage AC Power Adapter/battery charger
i.Link Digital Input/Output (IEEE 1394 compliant) DV in/out
PC Terminal and RS232 connection cable and software for Still Image Transfer & manipulation(PC/AT compatible)
S-Video Output
CDROM Software:JLIP Video Capture, JLIP Video Producer, Picture Navigator, Presto! Mr. Photo, Presto! PhotoAlbum, Presto! ImageFolio
Shoulder strap, Editing Cable, RS232C PC/AT Compatible Cable
Audio Dubbing
Random Assemble Editing with digital effect/scene transition selections
1 year parts, 90 days labor warranty
The sleek, compact GR-DVL805U has the best view in the house with a 3.5" LCD view screen, and a color viewfinder. It also adds the Dual Cam feature with 2MB memory for storing digital still pictures separate from the tape. A digital still picture output is provided, and both the serial cable and CD ROM software ($180 Value) for Windows are included to allow easy downloading of still pictures to your computer. DV In/Out provides for easy computer connection for more advanced applications. This JVC Digital Cybercam also has the highest level of picture and sound quality. A 680,000 pixel CCD delivers outstanding resolution. A built-in light improves the picture in night time situations. The 250X zoom makes sure you don't miss any of the action. Playback zoom lets you move in for a closer look after you have made the recording. Digital special effects and scene transitions are available to enhance the recording. A multi-brand remote control allows you to control the cybercam as well as many brands of video recorders. Random Assemble Editing provides an eight scene memory for favorite scenes as well as the ability to add special effects while editing them to a video recorder.
This is absolutely a great miniDV camcorder. I used it for my honeymoon, after convincing my now wife that we would definately get some use out of it. I know now that I wont until I have kids.
I will sell this for $850 SHIPPED anywhere in the US. Priority with insurance. MSRP is $1199, without the extended warranty and the accesories (extended battery is $100). You want the warranty on this thing - better safe then sorry.
JVC Camcorders are 5th Generation miniDV, as opposed to the Sony which is only 2nd.
E-mail me with questions. [email protected]
Link to JVC Site. www.jvc.com/product.jsp?modelId=MODL006260&page=2
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Jan 1, 2001
you havent downloaded the version floating around the internet???
Link Removed
thanks for reminding me to take that DV out before I ship it...


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Jan 1, 2001
I will also trade this for some new speakers. If you have some solid speakers you are looking to get rid of and want a camcorder, contact me and we'll talk.

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