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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Kevin*H, Sep 1, 2004.

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    I want to get the Dish Network 811 HD receiver which does not record programs, the JVC DVD recorder could be used to record but I was wondering how it would be hooked up in conjunction with the HD receiver and the RPTV as there is a DVI connection on the receiver and none on the DVD recorder. I am only looking at recording SD. Thanks for any help in advance
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    I have both the Dish 811 and the JVC DR-M10.
    This is a great DVD Recorder, try these links:



    The folks there who are very critical of video quality have been very happy with this model as am I.

    The JVC has two sets of inputs on the back that have both S-Video and RCA Composite. I have the 811 hooked up to one set and my VCR hooked up to the other. Recordings in SP mode look as good as the original. The JVC has a very good LP (4hr) mode that some use for VHS transfers. I personally am using FR mode set for 3hrs and I think my VHS home movie recordings look better than the source as the JVC has some very good noise filters.

    For output from the JVC, hook your RPTV to the component outputs on the JVC and the progressive playback looks great.
    I have a recording of some music video's I recorded from HDNET in SP on the JVC and the video is as good as watching the original via the S-Video connection to my Sony 57" RPTV.

    Its not like watching via the DVI in HD of course but still great quality. The 811 analog audio out captures quite well as DD 2.0 and sounds very good played back from the JVC on Dolby Pro Logic Music on my HK receiver. I use the optical out to my HK.

    eCost is selling the JVC for about $289 the last I looked.

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