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Nov 15, 2004
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That and the other reshoots just confirm that the original reporting had been correct - that shooting wasn’t complete and there had never been a completed “Snyder Cut” prior to Whedon being hired to write additional script pages.

Snyder over social media had posted earlier in the year that “of course” there was a completed cut of his version, and while that supposition had never been supported by any evidence, it furthered a false narrative that he had delivered a completed masterpiece and was unfairly removed from the project, when the truth was much more nuanced: that the script they started with wasn’t working, and that all parties agreed for the need to make changes.

If Snyder had completed his version minus post production, there wouldn’t be extensive reshoots now with cast members that had never been involved with the original shoot.

I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for the devastating personal loss he experienced, and I have sympathy for him not being able to complete a project that clearly he had invested a lot in. But I’m a little turned off by this narrative that’s been furthered that Snyder was the victim of the evil studio.
Agreed and I think what they're doing is fine because it will hopefully result in a better movie but calling it the "Snyder Cut" is disingenuous to say the least. It's the Snyder-reshot-rewritten-and-reworked-and-way-longer-than-ever-could-have-been-in-a-theater version. Admittedly, Snyder Cut is much quicker to say.
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