Just won an auction for an Infocus LP530... Is this a scam?!

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    I would like to start off by saying hello to all. I have frequented this forum for quite some time as I am preparing to upgrade the video end of my home theater. This is one of my first times posting and I am in dire need of advice. I know that some of you poor guys have been scammed before and I want to avoid this. Unfortunately, I am ne wto all of this and I need your help. After doing some research here on projectors, I had a couple in mind and began searching the auction sites. I ended up winning an auction at yahoo auctions for a new in box Infocus LP530. As opposed to large feedback ratings on ebay, most sellers on this site are new, as is the case here. Complicating matters is the fact that the seller lives in the UK and he claims that he wants the transaction done through western union. i started off by emailing him and asking for his phone number and a good time to call. What would you recommend I do? Is western union guaranteed? I feel like I got a really good deal and I can't wait to enter the world of front projection, but I don't want to lose my money... here is the gist of the email:
    Congratulations for winning my auction on yahoo. I wanted to assure you once again that the item is brand new, comes in original box and with the full set of accessories.
    To complete this transaction, please email me your shipping address so I can get your package ready to ship. I will send the item with your prefered shipping carrier but what I can advise you to use UPS WORLDWIDE because I think it's the best. I've made many transactions using UPS services and i am very pleased by the results. The goods will be delivered in a 2-3 working days (e.g withFeDex, UPS).
    I am new on YAHOO Auctions, therefore after will complete this business please put a good rating and i will put a good feedback too.
    The payment it will be done trough Western Union money transfer.If you are not familiar with this transfer company just visit: www.westernunion.com
    Here you will find a subtitle called "agent locator",press click on it and he will show you the
    closest office from you can send the payment on my
    name and address as follows:
    As soon i will receive the payment confirmation from
    you by mail i will contact the carrier and i will send
    you back the tracking number for the package so you
    can track the item on the internet at www.ups.com .
    Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a UPS Worldship e-mail with all of your tracking information.
    I consider that the transaction`s terms are very fair for both sides and that's why it is the only i accept.
    Please send me the sender's name and address as
    appears on the money transfer receipt and the MTCN (secret number of the transaction) which they will provide you.
    Hoping that sounds ok for you i am already looking
    forward for future deals.
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    Aug 16, 2000
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    SCAM! How much did you bid to win?
  4. Oren

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    It's a scam, it's a scam, it's a scam.
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    Carl III
    Buying anything via online auction from a domestic seller is risky but trying to make it work from overseas takes things to a whole new level. You're out of luck if anything goes wrong with Western Union, the seller, or UPS between here and there. What if the seller is legit but the product is D.O.A. ? I wouldn't risk ordering from a legit retailer that was based overseas if the product could be had domestically for a few bucks more, much less this.

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