Just Upgraded My Energy Speakers?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by scott_tinari, Dec 9, 2001.

  1. scott_tinari

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    Feb 10, 2001
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    I used to have Take 5 speaker package, Well I upgraded my Fronts to the EXL 15's and the Energy C-center, WOW what a difference. I listened to the EXL 15 and 16, How can people say there is a big diference, there isnt a big difference from the 15's to the 16's my opionon anyway. The 15's will do just fine. All so they Timbre Match just fine. People are saying that the 15 wont Timbre Mtach with the Take 5 Rears thats bull, They Timbre Match great.So my setup is

    Front-Energy EXL15's

    Center-Energy C

    Rears- Origianl Take 5

    Sub-Energy 8"s

    This setup is awesome!! Good Day all!
  2. JeffreyH

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    Sep 5, 2001
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    That's weird that exactly what I was looking to do!

    Take 5 to the Ex:l 15's and EX:l-C.

    The two nearest dealers no longer have Energy, well one did go out of business.

    Now I'm looking at Mission and Paradigm.

    Glad you like em!

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