just turned down my 950 reservation - am i crazy?

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    Jul 12, 2001
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    we're naturally all aware of the hype involved around this piece of gear. i placed my name on the list sometime early this year. probably in february. well, i just got my email today but it came a day late (actually 3 days late) and a $100 short. i had originally planned to purchase an ead encore from randy_mann but that fell through after receiving a huge dentistry estimate. i finally decided it was too good of a deal to pass up and decided to purchase from randy but he ended up selling the unit before i could get back with him, but, as luck would have it, i found another ead encore available and jumped all over it. and at $100 less than the msrp on the 950, i just couldn't turn it down. hopefully everybody here will be getting their long awaited 950's but i know at least one person is getting my vacated reservation space.

    kevin t
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    Kevin don't feel bad, I ended up with a Lex MC-1 and will be turning down the 950 when my e-mail arrives.I have debated on whether to go ahead and have them ship it and do a A/B but have almost talked myself out of it.In the last year I have upgraded my pre/pro from Ref 30 to MC-1, my speakers from Studio 100's/CC/ADP/Active 20's to the new Von Schweikerts added another sub to my Servo 15 and purchased a BFD with 2 new Cat sub cables.I think I'll pass on the 950 and upgrade my Parasound 2205a. If anyone knows where I can find a EAD PM1000 let me know.


    Steve M.

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