just saw a KNIGHTS TALE, excellent movie

Nate Anderson

Jan 18, 2001
I also enjoyed the movie. Nothing profound, but fun.
"This is not a drill. This is the apocolypse!"

Rob Tomlin

Senior HTF Member
Jan 8, 2000
This movie was pure simple FUN! Don't go in with huge expectations and you wont be let down!

Greg Rakaska

Stunt Coordinator
May 16, 1999
Based on the trailers I saw, I thought "No Way!" -- Queen's "We Will Rock You" (Rock music in general) in a medieval fantasy?
Then I read a few reviews/opinions in this forum and decided to give it a try. I must admit I found it very entertaining and refreshing. Not a classic by any measure, but good entertainment.

Zack Scott

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 12, 2000
I must say that I really enjoyed the opening sequence (being a queen Freak) but then I started getting bored and then more bored and then more bored. So I stopped it in the middle. THen the next day I saw that there was a music Video in the Special Features. I was thinking could it be WE are the champions? SO I pop in the DVD and look...Yes it is We are the Champions
Now I have never been a big fan of the new "Robbie Williams + Queen" version of this song. BUt to see the boys minus Freddie in action one more time would be worth the rental all together. So I watch it.
ANd There's Robbie Williams with the Half Microphone STand Ala Freddie. I was thinking cool he's doing it sort of right now bring on the real guys. Then we see his back up back. Who were not Queen.
But I wasn't panicking. I remebered a neat guitar solo at the end. So I was thinking "hey Queen is going to come out and so these guys how to really play."
So I waited for this momentous occasion.
And Waited.
And waited.
THen the video was over.
GUitar solo (Recorded by Brian May in fact) Finger-synced by some young ass who on the video didn't even get the fingering right.
SO...in other words...this DVD was very hurtful to the Queen freaks in the world. ANd the movie I couldn't get into.
Mabey I would be a little kinder if mabey Queen didn't play with robbie ... Or if they used the original recording and made a video from that (ala Waynes WOrld). BUt there is no way that that DVD will ever go into my player again.

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