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Qui-Gon John

Senior HTF Member
Oct 2, 2000
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John Co
I just cancelled my membership with RentMyDVD. I had some titles in my queue on HIGH DEMAND since last October. Also, there were several titles I searched for that they didn't have. Guess I'll try Netflix again soon. I hope they've improved as much as everyone here has said.


Supporting Actor
Jan 10, 2000
John- I subscribed to RentMyDVD several months ago, but cancelled because so many of the titles in my queue were perpertually out of stock. I have since rejoined Netflix, and I must agree that they have improved significantly. Of course they still have titles out of stock on occasion, but the percentage of Out Of Stock titles seems to be much lower than before (at least the titles in my queue). Also, they have opened up a distribution point in Georgia, so you should find turnaround time faster than before too.

Despite the inevitable out of stock titles and the equally inevitable mail delays, I haven't yet found anything that even comes close to Netflix.


Steve K.

Richard Oberuc

Sep 20, 1999
I got so frustrated with the lack of shipments from RentMyDVD, I decided to actually do something about it.
First, I filled out and sent a formal complaint to the Better Business Bureau indicating that RentMyDVD did not perform as advertised.I would suggest that anyone having similar problems do the same thing. Use your favorite search engine to find your local BBB. You must submit your complaint to your local office. Maybe the word will get around and cause companies like this to stock sufficient inventory to deliver the service that they promise. Second, I went back to NetFlix which now seems to be shipping with only modest delays.

Michael Reuben

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Feb 12, 1998
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Michael Reuben
I'm reviving this thread instead of starting a new one. Having been a long-time advocate of RentMyDVD, I was forced to cancel my membership this weekend when it became clear to me that they're experiencing serious problems of some sort. I live in Manhattan; when I first joined, mailings between me and the Hackensack, NJ distribution site routinely took 2-3 days. Now it routinely takes 5 days before RentMyDVD checks in a disc I've mailed back. An occasional delay could be attributed to the mails. Frequent, routine delays suggest something else, such as a delay in processing at the distribution center or a delay in posting information to the website.

I may try Netflix again, now that they've opened regional distribution centers. But I'm also looking at some of the newer operations. It's been my experience that the best service comes when an online rental company is new. Once they start to get successful, the first thing to suffer is customer service.


Sherry H.

Jun 24, 1999
I have becoming increasingly frustrated with the increased turnaround time at RentMyDVD of late. I have been with them since May 2001 and, until recently, have been relatively happy. I live in the DC area and, with an occasional exception, it has consistently taken 2 days to receive and 2 days to return discs. RentMyDVD always released and shipped a new title on the same day one was checked in. For the past couple of months now, it has taken 5 days to receive discs--as well as 5 days for returns--and new titles are not being shipped out the same day as returns. A couple of weeks ago, I actually had to e-mail them and ask them to ship me a new title as it had been two days since my disc was received and no indication of another shipping. I have never tried Netflix--at the time I signed up with RentMyDVD, I chose them over Netflix primarily because of the numerous complaints I was seeing about Netflix and I don't think Netflix had an Eastcoast warehouse at that time. I also liked the flexibility of the RentMyDVD plans--I wanted the 2-disc option and Netflix seemed to have a "one size fits all" plan. I noticed that the increased shipping/return time with RentMyDVD began about the time they began using the new mailer (the same style that Netflix has long used) and I thought perhaps there was a link.

From Michael's comment, I gather that this has become an overall problem. Does anyone have any idea what's going on with RentMyDVD? I certainly don't expect to receive my #1 choice every shipment, but with a 10-day per disc turnaround time, I'm starting to seriously consider giving Netflix a try.

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