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Just played Jampack 2001 for PS2 and..... (1 Viewer)

Morgan Jolley

Senior HTF Member
Oct 16, 2000
WOW!!! I can't believe this thing! If they had packaged it with just a demo of ICO it would have been enough, but throw in Soul Reaver 2 (which actually froze on me, but only once) and Klonoa, and you're in heaven. The thing also comes with demos of some lesser known or already released games (like Zone of the Enders) but the 3 I already mentioned stand out and are great.
ICO is purely amazing. If any game for the GCN or XB is able to beat ICO overall (visually, gameplay, the ability to keep you playing) then I'm all for it, since ICO is a definite buy for me now.
Has anyone else played this thing? I know some of you have, so what demos did you like?

Dave F

Senior HTF Member
May 15, 1999
I guess this is why Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors. :) I just didn't care for the disc too much. Klonoa 2 was the only game that grabbed my attention. ATV Offroad might have, but I had already gotten burnt out on that game in a rental.
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Derrik Draven

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Dec 7, 1998
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Yep, played the jampack.
ICO and Soul Reaver were the 2 reasons I bought it and, the 2 of them were worth every penny of it.
BTW...Morgan, did this demo disc ever lock up on you? I seem to have terrible luck with demo discs. This disc and the last "Underground" disc I got in the mail were loaded with game stopping bugs.
Never has happened with any game I've bought for the PS2; only demos discs.

Anyhoo, if you check out a new topic I've started, you'll see that ICO stopped me in my tracks. Actually, I'm a little worried about it's release. I know that I'm not going to get jack shit done around the house after I buy that game! And, I REALLY hope when it comes out, were not all going to be sitting around saying things like, "yeah, it was great but damn was it short".
I hate when that happens. Makes me want to bitch slap the design team and ask them if they actually played the damn game they made and, if so, how the hell could they've though we'd like a game so short!!!!

Didn't really play much else on the Jampack but, the 2 demos I mentioned ; ICO and Soul Reaver 2, make the whole thing worthwhile.

"...better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it". - Slater, True Romance
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Morgan Jolley

Senior HTF Member
Oct 16, 2000
Actually, the demo locked up on me twice (in one day). It hasn't done that with the demo disc I got way back when (the mail-in one).
I'm only 15, so I don't do too much around the house. The only problem is my social life and schoolwork going in the trash for the duration of the game (one of the Final Fantasy games did that to me and it sucked, but the game was great).
Oh yeah, anyone know how to get through the Soul Reaver 2 demo? I can't figure it out.
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