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Just Ordered JVC RX8020VBK (1 Viewer)


Feb 20, 2003
Well I've been watching this model for a bit (finished the HT room a couple months ago) and with the new version (8030) coming out I think I found a good deal, $250 delivered. I decided to go with the JVC componets because I like the idea of setting up the Compulink so my wife and oldest son (4) can run the equipment.

I currently have JBL N38 fronts, N series center, and N 24 surrounds set up for a 5.1 system. I'm running a panisonic 62 DVD player, Panisonic VCR, and Time Warner Digital cable. My TV is a 27" Philips. I plan on moving the panisonic stuff and the 27" TV upstairs and replacing it within the next year. I'm looking at the JVC FA900BK DVD player, JVC 3901U VCR, and I haven't decided on the HDTV yet. I'm looking at th 55" to 57" range. So far the Hitachi has caught my eye. I haven't really looked at the new 56" JVC yet.

If anyone is currently running JVC components with the comuplink I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on it.

Bill Will

Dec 26, 2001
Congrats on your new Receiver & where did you get it at that price? because a friend of mine also wants that receiver. I bought my daughter the 910 about a year & a half ago because she wanted outside speakers (Zone 2 & the RF Remote) & she loves it & she has never had any problems with it. She lives in another state so I have never listened to it but her boyfriend who has an Onkyo has told me that it's not as "clean" as his Onkyo but it sounds really good & for the price & features it's a great Receiver. Sorry I can't help you on the JVC Compulink System but from what I understand it works as stated but I've heard that on some older JVC products it might not work so well together but if your planning to buy new JVC products it should work fine with them. She also uses the front USB Port with her laptop & she tells me it's great & easy for her to do. Another reason I went with the JVC was that "EACH INPUT" could be setup for volume, tone & etc so after her boyfriend set it up all she has to do is select what she wants to listen to so I don't think your wife will have any trouble trying to figure this receiver out once you get it setup because my daughter is lost when it comes to most electronics & she has had no problem getting everything to work & she has something hooked up to "EVERY" input plus that Zone 2.

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