just how many titles ARE available on Netflix?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by RobertR, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Browsing the Netflix web site as a nonsubscriber is useless. I don't feel like subscribing just to find out what's available. I read conflicting reports on how much material there really is, either streaming or disc based. I read one post that said there's a gigantic selection of streaming titles, but other posts talk about limited or transient (available one day, gone the next) title availability. Also, Netflix seems to be determined to stop renting blu rays. Can anyone give me an idea of the actual number of movies/TV shows that are available? I'm asking because I'm seriously considering dropping DirectTV (not enough channels worth watching).
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    Virtually everything is available on DVD and if it exists on BR, they most likely have it. Streaming is still kind of spotty. Lots of TV shows and quite a few movies, but predicting what movies are available is impossible. The streaming part is still growing and some titles do have intermittent availability. I see no evidence to support your claim that they want to stop renting BR. You just have to pay a bit more for that option. I think NetFlix is the best its ever been, but if you fully expect to have anything you can desire in whatever form you wish at the moment, your expectations may be unreasonable. Just to add, there are movies available streamed which are not available on DVD or BR, which is nice.

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