Just had the job interview, now what???

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    I need some opinions here. I just had a job interview for a computer tech. position at a local university. I had the interview yesterday, and when I got back I sent an email to them in which I thanked them for the interview and their time.

    My fiance tells me that I should also call them sometime today and thank them for the interview and tell them I'm still very interested in the position. However, my personal opinion is that I don't want to bug them to death. But she thinks it will make me stand out from the rest of the interviewers. What should I do??? Should I call them even though I already sent an email???

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    Call them! Dont be annoying, but definately call them. Its a fine line to walk, but I got my first IT internship by bugging the manager that interviewed me. I found out after I got the position that the guy was incredibly irresponsible and spacey. If I had not bugged him he would have given the job to someone who had. Out of sight, out of mind can be applied in these situations.
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    Speaking as an IT guy at a large university, persistence is important. But try to contact them every other day, not twice a day. We're pretty busy in the summertime with big projects that we can't do when the University is filled with students, and they've got to be done before the end of August.

    Having said that, good luck! I've worked all over the IT industry, and I love working in academia. The people are cooler, and the work is more interesting.

    Oh, and I watch cartoons with my corworkers every week.
  4. Jack Briggs

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    Maybe that's the way it works among you IT guys, but I think in editorial positions it's a bit unwise to send anything more than a single thank-you letter. Calling up--especially more than once--will hurt you more than help you. But, as I said, this is the way it works among weird editors and writers. IT people, on the other hand, are more logical. There is still danger in overdoing it, though.

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