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Just got the Sony STR-DA5ES, can I get some advice on the eq? (1 Viewer)

james e m

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Jun 3, 2001
As stated above, I just got the Sony STR-DA5ES and I have a couple of questions:

First do you use the eq or do you just run everything as is? I had heard that using an eq can use up power that would normally go to your speakers. In my Paradigm brochure they recommend not to use an eq.

Second I had an easy enough time setting the bass, mid and treble, but what are the frequency settings for on the bass, mid, and treble? Any advice on what I should set them at?

I set the LFE high cut filter at 80hz, I assume that means that everything under 80hz will be sent to my sub correct?

Are there any "preset eq" settings?

Any other advice on setting this beast up?



If this helps I have Paradigm Monitor 11 x 2, Paradigm CC-370 x 1, Paradigm Mini Monitor x 3, and a Acoustic Research S113PS sub.


Second Unit
Jan 22, 2002
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Congratulations on your purchase!

If you are anything like me, YOU should be really EXCITED about what this machine can do. I know I am. All the different settings are really usefull but a little steep on the learning curve, nontheless it's very enjoyable.

As far as setting the paramenters on the EQ or Bass Management, what I did FIRST and FORMOST was to CLEAR the machine and start FRESH. This is done by Turning the machine OFF and then Pressing the power button for about 5 secs and it will prompt you to clear or not.

As far as the LFE setting. I have it at STD or set it to 0 and it seems to blend in very nice with my mains this way.

What I have as far as speakers are

Wharfedale Modus 1.6 (mains), Modus Center, Wharfedale Anniversarys for l/r surrounds and Infinity 1000 for Back Surrounds. My sub is a DIY Adire Tempest Sonosub (15") in a 210L tube tuned to 16HZ.

I don't really USE the EQ for 2 channel use or DD/DTS Movies. I do use the EQ for DPL2 and when I watch TV or Cable I use the Sony Cinema Surround B which I really enjoy for these sources.

The one thing about this receiver is that THERE ARE TONS of OPTIONS and Im pretty sure you will FIND whatever YOU are happy with, just keep on Tinkering till you find the best mix for you. (If all else fails, there is always the RESET button)

Good Luck and Welcome to the STR-DA5ES world.



Charles Gurganus

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Mar 2, 1999
James I am not sure you have the LFE high cut thing correct. For example, if your sub can clearly play up to the 150hz range, you should set it at that. I think that was the default. The link below takes you the the ezboard Sony TA-E9000es board, which has a very similar system setup. I think this could help you with many questions. Use the search to filter things out.
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