Just got my 50HDX82, comments, suggestions

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    Aug 10, 2002
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    I finally got my first RPTV set today after the longest week of my life. The delivery guys kept telling me it wouldn't fit, I told them it would, they said they would try the box, I told them the box is bigger than the set it would get stuck, the box got stuck, they didn't want to deliver the TV. They asked me to sign a damage waiver to try and deliver it, I refused and they decided to try anyways and lo and behold it took less than a minute to get the set down my stairs and into my TV room.


    The cable picture is a lot better on this set than I would have expected (from 7 feet).
    The DVD picture is good but I figured it would be a little better, maybe in time it will improve.


    1. After letting it run for a couple of hours I tried to calibrate it with Sound and Vision (I don't have AVIA). The contrast came in where I expected at 32, the brightness however indicated it should be about 60-62. I left the brightness at 50 because I didn't know if I should increase it. I've watched 2 DVDs now and the picture seems too dark.My room is completely dark.

    2. I have my DVD Player set for 16:9 but when I run the picture size at Natural I get a 4:3 picture in the middle surrounded by grey bars. I've been running DVDs in Theater Wide 2 shouldn't they be wide screen in Natural?

    3. I've set my picture settings in Preference mode for HD Component 1 and saved them. Does this use 2:3 pulldown? Or do I need to use Movie setting, I can't seem to save the settings for Movie mode?

    I apologize if any of these are stupid questions, I've read the manual quickly but was a little to excited to read line by line.

  2. Dean DeMass

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    I just received the 50h82 and I also used Sound and Visions tune up disc. My contrast and color are both set at 35 and my brightness is at 43. Now this probably varies with each DVD player (I am using a Panasonic CP72).

  3. rougehiller

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    Jul 25, 2002
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