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Just got a 50A61, plus a free chair and ottoman :) (1 Viewer)

Matt T. M.

Jun 4, 2002
Bought it at Best Buy for $1259.99, brought it home last night. They were actually out of stock for the chair, they will have more next week. Got it set up and immediately turned down the contrast, how do these initial settings sound for the break in period:
Contrast: 25
Brightness: 55
Color: 60
Tint: -8
Sharpness: 20
I didn’t get an AVIA or Sound & Vision because no one there knew what I was talking about, they had never heard of something like that. :confused: I also did my first 9-pt convergence, helped the picture a lot. Am I correct in assuming that the picture will improve after a break in period of about 100 hours? The picture is already incredible, my wife thinks I am being picky by tuning it and such!
There does seem to be a slight curving of the picture at the bottom left of the screen. When I popped in a letterbox DVD it was noticable, the black bar is a little less than an inch lower on the bottom left. It’s not really bad or distracting, but I was scrutinizing and noticed it. What do I have to do to correct that? Am I correct in assuming that a 9-pt convergence will have nothing to do with that, and I will have to do something else to correct it? Also, I have read about doing a 56-pt convergence on these sets, but I didn’t see an option for it, how do I get to that test mode?
Oh, and I didn’t get the 4 yr. service plan. No less than five employees tried to talk me into it, and they all said almost the exact same spiel and made it VERY clear that they receive no commission on these plans. I haven’t seen so many rolleyes in one day before, it was almost comical!


Senior HTF Member
Aug 15, 2002

I'd love to hear any more information/opinion/tweaks about the 50A61, as I just bought one as a gift for my parents and it's arriving this weekend. I got a spectacular deal on this thing, which was absolutely stunning in the store compared with the other analog sets there.


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