Just curious what you think of my planned equipment.

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    Hello everyone!

    I am currently an electrical apprentice. When I finish in a year and a half, I plan on finally buying the home theater equipment I really want. Currently I have a 31" JVC Tv, I use my X-Box for a DVD player, I use 12" Cerwin Vegas for my main speakers, I have a 12"powered Cerwin Vega sub, JBL center channel, KLH rear surrounds, and a Yamaha 795a receiver.

    The speakers are the first thing I am going to upgrade. I really like Definitive Technology speakers. I plan on getting 2 BP 2000TLs, C/L/R 3000 center, and BPVX/Ps for the rear surrounds.

    I really like the way Denon receivers sound and I plan on getting the AVR 5803 or whatever model compares to this in a year and a half.

    I also like the sounds of the Denon 3800 DVD player.

    For the tv? I am really stuck there. I really like the quality of Pioneer Elite CRTS, but with LCOS, Plasma, and, DLP technologies getting better, I don't know which road to take. And with front projectors improving in the past few years has thrown in another option for me. Any suggestions?

    I know things can change a lot in a year and a half, but I have been stuck on Definitve and Denon for five years now. What do you guys think of my choices? I thank you for your input.

    This is my second post. If this question belongs in a better section of this forum, could you point me in the proper direction?
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    Planning ahead for an HT purchase is fine, and your selections look solid. BUT...don't limit yourself to these brands, a lot can happen between now and then. A few auditions of other brands before you start buying all your gear may make you change your mind.

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