Just Bought Panasonic XP50 From Crutchfield!!!

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    I have gone through 2 - CP72s that had the rolling horizontal band flashes caused from poorly grounded component outputs when the discs were being changed and even during playback in the darker scenes. So I sent both of those players back and gave up on the CP72. The main reason why I tried the CP72 was because it came in black, 5 disc playback, and $30 Mail-In Rebate. While I had it I really never used the 5 disc playback and that grounding problem drove me nuts on both brand new CP72s I had. I decided to go down to Ultimate Electronics and buy the RP82 and see what I though about the silver look and see if it had the same grounding problem. I got it home and it had no grounding problems, and it all around did everything I needed it to plus some. I did notice that the faceplate was made a little cheap and that it looked too busy on the front. Crutchfield has the Panasonic XP50 for $249.99 + $3 S/H(Guaranteed By Xmas)which has the exact same audio/video section of the RP82 minus the coaxial output. The XP50 also has a much sturdier built case, has a beautiful full mirrored frontplate, and also has gold plated RCA outputs unlike the RP82's silver RCA outputs. Once I receive this player I will post my full review on it. Below I have pasted word for word what the Panasonic Catalog says about the XP30 and XP50:


    Brushless Motor
    Because there's no mechanical contact with the commutator, the high-percision, thin brushless motor eliminates the problem of abrasion, thereby helping to assure high reliability and durability.

    Using one objective lens with two laser units having different wavelengths optimized for DVD and CD reproduction, this advanced pickup can also play CR-R/RW discs. And it's just 14mm high. It's also light, due to the plastics objective lens and the plastic base holding the lens.

    Despite being thin, the new Clam Shell construction assures high rigidity. By supressing vibrations and resonances, this contributes to playback with consistently high picture and sound quality.

    This new developed capacitor uses a composite mica powder paper separator. This improves electrical characteristics to further assure high sound quality.


    VIDEO: Increases the luminance during dimly lit scenes and reduces it during brightly lit scenes to make viweing rapid changes between dark and bright scenes easier on the eyes.

    AUDIO: Boosts bass to reproduce the powerful sound and atmosphere of a live concert.
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    Jason, please post a review of the 'XP50 once you have had a chance to put it through its paces.

    You posted:


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