Just bought my first 16x9! (42" Sony)

Discussion in 'Displays' started by BrianShort, Sep 2, 2005.

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    Jan 18, 2000
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    Just bought the 42" Sony 3LCD set from a local dealer. Paid retail ($1999, but you can't do any better in this town) + tax (only $60). Looked nice in the store, I expect I can get it to look even better with some tweaking. I think 50" is an even better size, but I didn't want to spend an extra $500 or more, and I think this size will fit my apartment well. Plus I should be able to carry it myself.

    I did have one question. My current DVD player is a 6 year old Panasonic, thus, no Progressive Scan. Should I go ahead and pick up a progressive DVD player from the store tomorrow when I pick up the set, or is the conversion in this set good enough I can use my old Panasonic (the A120U). Even if I CAN use it, I'm still thinking I should get a new player anyway. My current player can't play any recordable media, and layer changes have always been very noticeable, things that I assume are corrected in new players, even the low cost ones (they have a progressive Sony player at the store for $90).

    Looking forward to getting this puppy hooked up and rediscoverying my collection [​IMG]

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    Definetly get a new progressive scan player. Heck if you can get your hands on a upscaling player I think it's worth it. But if not, definetly go progressive scan.

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