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Discussion in 'Displays' started by DaleBesh, Sep 17, 2003.

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    I will tell you ladies and germs, I witnessed a fine display at BestBuy yesterday. They had a Samsung 50" LCD rear projection and a 51" Sony CRT rear projection both setup for HDTV on an ESPN Forumula One race. The salesperson claimed all the sets had been set up with a calibration disk. Which I find hard to believe, but there is no reason they can not be. And they were under a tent for shading from ambient glare.
    Both were excellent. The Samsung had a slight edge in picture depth. The Sony had a more 'film' like texture to it. But both were like state of the art. I mean like a big "Wow!"....
    I have read reports, and the blackest blacks are still only available on CRT displays (projection or direct-view).
    Factoring all that in, plus the Sony costing $1800 vs. $3800 for the Samsung, the Sony takes the cake. Of course your have to add the price of an HD tuner to that, if not using a cable or Sat. one.
    I am not saying there are other brands not directly competitive of equal quality when properly set up.
    I am still plugging away with a 36" Wega, but it was nice to witness a couple of fine displays that are certainly representative of the latest technologies.
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    I could be wrong but I think the Samsung in question is a DLP set, not LCD.

    My observations have been pretty similar--a good well adjusted crt set can look very good indeed, at a price point much lower than the latest LCD and DLP models.

    The main advantage to the non-crt based sets is not having to worry about convergence issues or, in most cases, burn-in.

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